Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I would Spank And I would be Proud !

Last week I watched a program on ITV called ' I smack and I am proud' when I saw the trailer I got slightly excited as I thought finally we are going to get a different view on the the hotly debated topic of disciplining and smacking your child.

Before I go into a complete rant here is my view: smack to your hearts content. Now before you go off on a bleedig heart kids have feelings attack on me understand this. I do not been knock the next 25 Sundays out of your kid, I do not mean smack them for everything and anything. I do not mean smack them without a warning or 3 strikes system.
I believe kids today do not know boundaries they most definitely do not know respect or obedience. Parents are scared of how they handle their children. They are scared of how society will react to their way of dealing with their children.
I waws spanked as a child and christ I deserved it !!! I got warnings I was told off and if it persisted I got spanked. My parents did not tie me to a bloody poll and flog the shit out of me ( pretty sure it was tempting at times !! ha ha ) I am not some deviant of society. It did not make me a emotionally dead person or effect the ways in which I deal with stressful situations.
It taught me bounries respect and limits to my behavior as a child teen young adult and ultimately a adult.
The argument that a child cannot associate the spanking with the act of bad behavior is utter bollocks!!! Child does something bad child is warned child does again child warned again child still persists child gets smacked !!! child does not repeat does not do the bad thing again. That child knows why she or he was spanked !!
The argument that positive encouragement should be enough to make your child to behave is again utter bloody shit !! I do not disagree that all children should get positive reinforcement in fact it is their right to get that....When they do something good you muppets !!! When a child behaves badly you do not try crap like positive re enforcement to curb the behavior , you punish and discipline them straight away.

Right back to the program. So I was excited for this to start and was looking forward to it. 10 minutes into it I was screaming at the telly!!! From the word go the producers of this program had specifically and purposefully set out to make these sets of very brave parents look like abusers like bad parents basically like deviants of society. They were brave parents for being strong willed enough to believe in their convictions and tell what they believe is the right way for them to parent. The program was a utter letdown and was yet again used by the bleeding hearts of today's society to vilify these parents and their methods.

I do realize some people do not agree with the method of spanking and I do respect that view and their decsions not to displine their child in this way. However if parents who smack there kids are able to respect the views of non smackers then it needs to be done visa versa as well.

So I can safely say if I had kids I would spank and I would be proud to admit it as well.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Two Months Today

Well the proper countdown has begun now !! 2 months today and I will be on my flight back to the ' motherland' of Canada.
I still get moments of panic. It is not because I think I have made a rash or wrong decsion. it is simply because although it is home and I grew up there it is different. It is like emigrating to w whole new country. I do worry about things like leaving my friends behind here and the like and will I make a whole new set over there. But lets be honest they are little worries in the grand scheme of things.
I am fairly sure the cat knows whats going on as he keeps looking at me with pure evil in his eyes !! plus his nightly attacks on my toes are becoming more violent the little bastard !!

I have had a hell of a time sorting out my leaving do !! Oh my god it is so hard to please everyone now !! seriously if ones happy with the date 2 say they are not. so put foot down set it for the 11th of November and pulled a guilt trip of ' I am leaving the country you better freakin be there you bastards!!' and that threat seems to generally work ha ha

So yeah 2 months .......

Monday, September 11, 2006

Tony Blair :The dilema . What are the Options?!

For as long as I can remember (or at least the last 18 months or so) there has been endless speculation about Tony Blair and his premiership. Questions like: how much longer will he stay? When will he actually name a date? Who would his replacement be? And so on and so on.

I have to say I am slightly middle of the road on this one. Where I do have issues with some of his policies and the ways in which he implements them I also have issues with who is actual replacement will be.
I take issue with some of his immigration agendas. I was raised very tolerant, in a very multi cultural family with beliefs to be compassionate and to respect all others. Recently that has been tested to its highest level. It is a fine line to complain about the immigration issues between having a logical argument and sounding well ... a bigot or narrow minded. We have a problem within this country now where we are simply letting to many illegal immigrants slip through the cracks. The government seems to have effectively let the reins go on this and thrown their hands up in the air as if to say ‘what do you want us to do about it then?’ This has affected me personally. I have been on a waiting list for a dentist for the last 18 months. Please realize that this is a waiting list to register with the dentist. After registering I would then have to wait a further 3 – 6 months to actually get a check up. This is NHS this is not private. Some people say go private then? My answer is no!!! I pay taxes have done for 5 years and it is my natural right to use the NHS dentist provide to ME! I have since found out that in the last 12 months roughly 20 -30 asylum seekers have been registered immediately with the dentist I am trying to get into!! This enrages me. I accept that people of any status should get medical attention but why do I have to wait for 18 months ?!?! To me this is down to the British government under Mr. Blair’s leadership opening the gates to Britain and saying ‘come on in, even if your asylum claim is not valid we will let you in, more the merrier everyone’

Then there is the flipside to this all. Who would replace him?? The option that seems to always be mentioned is Gordon Brown …… oh god helps us please. I am going to be supremely superficial here everyone…..that man is UGLY ….U.G.L.Y a face a mother could not even love seriously. One of Tony Blair’s major plus points is he is a highly social man and I do believe one of the key skills in and job like that is being able to handle extreme social situations and Tony Blair can handle these. Gordon Brown has the social skills of a dead slug, he has the social skills a bloody water buffalo!! He in my eyes would be an embarrassment to Britain at State dinners and world leader conferences. He looks constantly looks as though he has just come of a weekend on the lash and rolled his fat ass out of bed.

On a more serious note though he will always be seen as the man in the background that was undermining his current leader. Almost a form of skull duggery. He will always be seen as the man pulling the strings in the back trying to get Tony Blair out. It is not a good perception to show the worlds super power countries. The picture of him in the paper last week laughing as he left 10 Downing street after apparently having a blazing row with the prime minister should be a sign to everyone what he is really like?!
But the question then is who else is the option to lead this country?? As it appears there is not a lot out there at present and cannot see anything coming to the for front in the near future.

I will be very curious to see what will happen in the next 8 – 9 months? Interested to see who exactly will throw their proverbial hat in the ring that is the Labour party of Britain?

Friday, September 08, 2006

Never Drink And .....

Never drink and blog stupid shit spews out of your mouth. Plus considering my spelling is a non existent thing when I am sober then drunk or mildly drunk it is truly shit! (I know my mother is now reading this and going over it with a red marker thinking to herself ' I swear I taught this child how to spell and use that funny thing called grammar')

I have to say I do not drink that often to be honest. Of course my family truly believes that there is a very real possibility I was switched a birth due to my lack of ability to handle my drink. Seriously it sucks 2 glasses of wine and a beer and I am anyone’s oh and the life of a party oh yeah and I talk even more then I normally do (yes that is possible and yes my jaw does get sore but normally to drunk and ramble through the pain) So yeah never drink and blog you may live to regret it

Notice not only the obvious glass of wine but the fact that my computer desk is a box I am meant to be packing in and with the drink comes the over flowing ashtray ....pure class and I still wonder daily why it is I am single ????

Never drink and pack!! I will never get over the fact that I have so so much shit. I sat in my living room last night looking around my tiny little flat. I then started saying out loud ‘just going to leave it all’ just not going to bloody bother!! Piss off on my flat to Canada and leave everything behind!! Tonight I started to pack and then cracked the bottle open as a coping mechanism. I have no idea where half this stuff came from.

Never drink and own a pet when you live by yourself with a digital camera in your hand. They just look up at you as if to say ‘you stupid two legged walking freak, get away from me you are pissed!!’

Notice the pure look of shame on my poor cats face. It looks as if he is saying ' you have no idea how stupid I really think you are lady not a clue '

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Condemnation for Steve Irwin

When I heard the news the the croc man himself had died I have to admit I was actually truly saddened by the loss to the animal and conservation world.

Over the last few days I have read a number of articles and blogs with various view points on the death of Steve Irwin. I have to say a few really did annoy and irritate me to be truthful.
The ones that really seemed to set me off were the ones condemning the man for what he did and for leaving 2 small children without their father.

Lets clear a few things up here everyone:

Yes what Steve did was dangerous. Yes he did take risks and always knew those risks even after his 2 children, Bindi sue and Bob, were born. He did this because he had a passion not because he cared any less for his young family. He did this to leave a legacy for for his kids. Why should fathers or mothers give up what they are passionate about purely because they have children. Yes maybe they should be more careful but no they should not stop. This was his passion and he did die doing what he loved.

Although he came across with a clown like attitude he was extremely good at what he did. He is possibly one of Australian and maybe the worlds most well known conservationist. What he has done since the early 90's is unreal for showing the plight of endangered, injured suffering species.

Those two children will grow up with the help of their Mother and all the staff at Australia Zoo , who were effectively extended family knowing what their father did. They will be proud and to be very truthful will likely follow in his foot steps possibly taking the same risk dad took 10 - 15 years earlier.

When he died he was actually filming a documentary that his daughter wanted to do it was actually Bindi sue's film. He and his wife actively involved their children in their lives. There are more parents who do this. An example of this is a program currently showing on BBC One on Thursdays at 8pm. Although I am not able to find the full names of them here is the situation. Emma is a English vet who married a South African big game catcher. They basically help move various herds from one reserve to another. They had a baby called phoebe and rather then her stopping what she did she still does it with her husband. They trek all over Africa racing through the plains and deserts chasing BIG BIG game. Phoebe happily bounces about in her car seat in the back of the truck and clearly in a state of pure joy and happiness. I can see people watching this thinking how can this women put her child in such danger ?! When I look at it I am jealous ! How many little girls will be able to say to their friends when they grow up that the first animal they ever touched was a Giraffe ???? That they helped chase wilderbeast and fed baby antelopes. Not many me thinks.

So before people start condemning a dead man for risking his life , and losing it , effectively abandoning his children to peruse his passion, stop and think about it first. He did risk his life to show his kids another way of life to put food on the table and to share his pure joy of what he did with his kids. Open your eyes stop the narrow mindedness and realize that

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Random Entry about Pretty much Everything

Yeah going to babble now you have been warned ( I know I always babble ok ! ) so get your drink whatever it may be light a fag and just read :

Right these 2 girls have me well and truly confused now. I am pretty sure that there were 3 of em in there last night and good god were they having fun. Seriously I am constantly wondering what it is they are doing to each other to produce the noises they come out with it is unreal. Surely they must know I can hear them as can everyone else ??? My theory still stands ..High class call girls that travel to Monaco with a some old doddering man.

Remember the post ' what if' about killing a workmate and then classing it as self defense and then getting off because it was ? As my sanity was being ebbed away slowly ? Well it ain't slow anymore it is rapid damn bloody rapid !!! I will kill this women it is damn good I am leaving the country. Plus she smells !!! I am in the corner trapped by her. I am pretty sure I must hold multiple records for holding my breath

People are so stupid. For the last 2 weeks I have had internet at home. Not because I actually paid for it but because multiple people in the area have insecure wireless networks that my laptop picks up the minute I turn it on !! This rocks !!! My dad would be so so proud you know :-)

He no longer sleeps on my bed ... He sleeps in his cat carrier !!! Seriously he is not right in the head. Secretly I am happy about this as still stressing bout his 13 hour plane ride to Canada. So at least I know he likes his carrier. He may hate me but least he will have his stupid carrier.

Honestly I do !! Anyone who is planning on relocating to a new country start throwing shit away now !! Everything I turn around there is more and more. It is like little umpa lumpas are turning into little sherpas and sneaking it in behind my back. Like the random shit you own fairies bring more in at 2 in the morning !!
I hate moving !!! So much

Rant done !
Spellings shit I know !

Monday, September 04, 2006

Update: Migration to the Great White North

Well things are a moving my god are they moving.

Your ultimate indecisive Canadian in Manchester has confirmed flights for return to Canada. I officially leave on the 18th of November , not bloody soon enough as far as I am concerned!!!

Have to say I have become dis-illusioned with the UK and the novelty and loveliness of living here is no longer with me. My love affair with the UK is OVER !!!

There are things I will miss like my soaps on the telly ( soooo much better then over there, story lines actually move along)
Chips will miss the chips like mad
Good music and good radio: none of the crap over there with minutes of radio 20 minutes of add breaks.
Cheese hmmm the cheese is so so good and it smells. The smellier the better in my books ( maybe this is why I am single ??? Any thoughts??)
Style , quite simply there is amazing style and style sense over here. Not a pair of tatty leggings in sight.
MAGAZINES !!!!!oh god what am I going to do without my UK and European magazines like heat, closer, now, OK, HELLO!, Grazia !!!

Mr Cleoleo is ready for his trip as well. He will be traveling before me on a flight back with my mum on the 29th. I have to admit been stressing about this endlessly and how he will handle it all. Seriously freaking out. So much so that have gone on so many pe forums for advice. He will be fine I am sure. I mean it is likely by the time I get over there mum will have turned my lean mean fighting machine of a cat into a fat lazy bastard. She will I mean she turned a part grey hound dog into a part grey hound obese dog. She will turn this cat that way I am sure of it !!
He has his kennel now and seems to love it.
Loves it so much in fact he no longer sleeps with me but rather in his cage. The cat is strange.
I have never posted a pic of him before but friend lent me her digital camera so here you go :

in his element ....Sleeping

hey while have camera if anyone wants pics posted of anything from over here in the UK let me know will try and get a pic and post it ....Never had digital camera so a novelty and half right now !!