Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I would Spank And I would be Proud !

Last week I watched a program on ITV called ' I smack and I am proud' when I saw the trailer I got slightly excited as I thought finally we are going to get a different view on the the hotly debated topic of disciplining and smacking your child.

Before I go into a complete rant here is my view: smack to your hearts content. Now before you go off on a bleedig heart kids have feelings attack on me understand this. I do not been knock the next 25 Sundays out of your kid, I do not mean smack them for everything and anything. I do not mean smack them without a warning or 3 strikes system.
I believe kids today do not know boundaries they most definitely do not know respect or obedience. Parents are scared of how they handle their children. They are scared of how society will react to their way of dealing with their children.
I waws spanked as a child and christ I deserved it !!! I got warnings I was told off and if it persisted I got spanked. My parents did not tie me to a bloody poll and flog the shit out of me ( pretty sure it was tempting at times !! ha ha ) I am not some deviant of society. It did not make me a emotionally dead person or effect the ways in which I deal with stressful situations.
It taught me bounries respect and limits to my behavior as a child teen young adult and ultimately a adult.
The argument that a child cannot associate the spanking with the act of bad behavior is utter bollocks!!! Child does something bad child is warned child does again child warned again child still persists child gets smacked !!! child does not repeat does not do the bad thing again. That child knows why she or he was spanked !!
The argument that positive encouragement should be enough to make your child to behave is again utter bloody shit !! I do not disagree that all children should get positive reinforcement in fact it is their right to get that....When they do something good you muppets !!! When a child behaves badly you do not try crap like positive re enforcement to curb the behavior , you punish and discipline them straight away.

Right back to the program. So I was excited for this to start and was looking forward to it. 10 minutes into it I was screaming at the telly!!! From the word go the producers of this program had specifically and purposefully set out to make these sets of very brave parents look like abusers like bad parents basically like deviants of society. They were brave parents for being strong willed enough to believe in their convictions and tell what they believe is the right way for them to parent. The program was a utter letdown and was yet again used by the bleeding hearts of today's society to vilify these parents and their methods.

I do realize some people do not agree with the method of spanking and I do respect that view and their decsions not to displine their child in this way. However if parents who smack there kids are able to respect the views of non smackers then it needs to be done visa versa as well.

So I can safely say if I had kids I would spank and I would be proud to admit it as well.


art said...

I beleive in 'whatever works'. Fortunatly I do not need to spank my child as he really hates the punishment of 'time out',(standing in a corner facing a blank wall). So far it works. I do not doubt that some children need a good spanking,(not a beating a spanking). Thankfully I have not had to result to spanking as of yet. I was never really spanked myself; I was hit but not spanked.
Now if you'll kindly come here and bend over....I need to practice my spanking on you. ;P

louisa said...

ha ha !!! my spanking days are well and truly over art nice try though !!
saying that if my mum told me to hold my hand out as they did when was a kid i think i honestly still would out of habit ( i was in trouble all the time !! )
you are right though there are kids out there that spanking simply would not work on.
plus once they reach a certian age it is ineffective. once they realize what privilages mean then it reall changes to taking something away frm them , like freedom when grounded

David Langley said...

In my book it is abuse not to discipline a child properly. I believe most boys would benefit from a spanking now and then.

louisa said...

yep thats it exactly David. The line between abuse and being a strict or in my eyes a good parent has been blurred so much in recent times that people think that even shouting at a child would be considered abuse.
In my eyes neglecting your child is abuse. Feeding and making your child over weight is abuse. Allowing your child to run ruit not attend school and be bad members of society abuse.
Spanking your child after warnings for bad behaviour is most certianly not abuse .
Thanks for commenting by the way david :-)

Anonymous said...

This is a completely unrelated comment - I just wanted to let you know that i have discovered that will show episodes of their shows like Lost the day after they air in the US for free, according to their website. And the season premiere of Lost is October 4th! Just a tip.

Anonymous said...

Okay forget what I just said - crap, only if you live in the US can you watch them!! Sorry.

louisa said...

ohhhh!!!!! you got my hopes up there Emma !! lol lol
I have sent a extremely grovelling begging email to one of my best mates Richie pleading for him to record them for me. I worked out exactly how many I will miss and it is 7 which is soooo much

Anonymous said...

ummmm I know you really wanted to me to tape those shows but I don't have cable in my new house yet so I might miss a few episodes, but I'll try and find someone to tape them for you. Oh yes I moved into my new already woo woo!!

louisa said...

begging you to find someone on my knees ppleading and begging my little brown friend begggingggg!!!!!!!! and EMAIL ME !!! I never got the email about the house

Anonymous said...

"My parents did not tie me to a bloody poll and flog the shit out of me...." are you sure ? I would have if I was your Dad !!! (guess who from South Wales ?)

louisa said...

now who is that ??? lol lol
fair point though pretty sure parents had to hold themselves back with me for being the biggest pain in the ass ever !!!

now I am thinking is that you simon ????? .......