Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sick As A Dog 2 Days Before Christmas ......IT FREAKIN SUCKS

So yes I have been ill granted only for the last 3 days however a deathly ill is what it is.

At first I and mum had thought I had simply pulled a muscle in my back and thought it would just go away ( after 3 muscle relaxents) ...It did not.

So last night mum had her big Christmas party and I was flat on my back in sheer pain. My uncle Bobby, a doctor of viruses, told me what I had after explaining symptoms to him.


For those of you who do not know what this is here is a brief explanation that I looked up on Google :
Pleurisy (PLOOR-iss-ee) is caused by swelling and irritation of the membrane that surrounds the lungs. It is usually a symptom of another illness. It is also called Pleuritic Chest Pain.
Pleurisy can develop from many things, including bacterial or viral infections of the lungs (such as pneumonia), TB, lupus, chest injury or trauma, a blood clot in the lung, or cancer. Sometimes a cause cannot be found. Doctors call this ideopathic (id-e-o-PATH-ik) pleurisy. Even though the cause isn't known, the problem can still be treated

Thank you google for freakin me out more then I already was god dammit !!!

So last night after reading this I took 2 aspirins 2 benydrils ( however the hell you spell that) and passed out stone could ( think more stoned then anything)
when I woke up this morning it was miraculously gone !!! Needless to say I was soooo happy mainly due to the fact that I could breath like a 28 year old not a 82 year old.
THEN IT CAME BACK !!! It was like god was laughin off his ass at me and my pain.
This time it has showed up on my left lung rather then my right ( must have decided it was not fair that only one side felt the sheer pain the other was not in ! ) I cannot describe to you all what this feels like. Suppose best way is think of a stitch in your side multiply it by 100 then add back pain in the mix and that's it.
So I am currently flat on back breathing like a dying 82 year old and thinking the world is against me
Other then that so far Christmas is looking fucking great just peachy

Friday, December 15, 2006

A request has been made ..pre waring part 2

My Little brown friend Ricardo Ernesto has asked me to write some more about him ( although I have no idea as of yet what I am going to write)

Can safely say this right now though : he is sooooooo drunk. He has managed to get 3 litres of beer in his tiny latin body in a very short amoutn of time. He is currently dancing ( or what you may call dancing around the room to i can believe I can fly ... the punk version)
Bare in mind that this is a man who is responsible for a large amount of peoples mental health being a psychologist ( yeah spelt that wrong I know )

But do have to say he does make a lovely latin mental health expert drunken friend although he is odd.

i fear there may be more posts like this through out the night ....YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED THERE WILL BE GUEST POST FROM THE OTHERS HERE

Pre Warning

I am currently at the PHILAPOLOOZA 2006. Phil our little dutch commando has returned from Afganistan and there is a big party.
So I am pre warning you that tomorrow there will be well...interesting pics and a very hung over Louisa as well !

Have a good night and day all
Lou ( half way to drunk he he he :-)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Having A Tough Time Listening to the Radio here

So I know one of the things that I am missing most in the UK is the BBC and the Radio over there.
I have been listening to CBC (like the Canadian version of BBC but crap) and a month into being here I wish to throw the damn thing through the nearest winder, take a hammer to it or even let a pack of rabid dogs tear it to little bits.
There is this ingrained ability to make everything into a left wing bleeding heart issue. There is no such thing in the CBC as an unbiased factual based report. There is this constant need or craving on their part to be sooo politically correct
EXAMPLE: Sex trade workers! These are what you would call PROSTITUTES!
Call them what they are stop thinking you will offend the poor delicate senses of Canadians across the country. They do actually know that they are prostitutes guys.
Every second day there is yet another report on how the first nations are suffering and how destitute and down in the dumps they are. Rather then making this yet another lefty issue why not just report the facts. Report that massive amounts of money are given to them; report that those massive amounts of money and help and aid are pissed away. Stop making it a bleeding heart issue.
They other thing that is driving me to distraction is the grammar. These people are broadcasters are they not? If so why is it they cannot seriously CANNOT string a sentence together without making a big pigs ear of it?!
EXAMPLE: I seen a plow truck clearing the streets today.
Basic grammer people the sentence should be said as follows: I saw a plow truck clearing the streets today.
I am fairly sure this is taught in early elementry school.
So my beefs are as follows:
Left wing bleeding heart reporting
Non factual biased reporting
Bad god damn Grammer !! ( Yeah yeah do not through stones at glass houses and all that I know )

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Oh Yes Sorry I am still Alive and Very Much Kicking

I HAVE INTERNET AT HOME !! oh god I nearly wet my pants in sheer joy !! ok maybe not as I do have a moderate of self control but only in small doses

So yes I am connected with rest of the world yet again and it makes me do a happy dance every 5 minutes

So all is well I am as stated above alive and kicking. So in point form here are the comings and goings up to today:

  • Greta the golf still rocks this world and makes me endlessly happy when I drive her ( suburban mum see you are not the only one with a yummy new car but to be fair and also thank god mine is not a 'yummy mummy car'
  • I have finished my various rounds of interviews for my line of work in the cable manufacturng world. They were not really interviews more like them selling me the jobs which was a bonus. So now I am just awaiting purposals from them ( taking their damn time!! )
  • I have been temping for the mummy since I arrived back ( always so so handy having a family business of personel agency ! ) so have been making enough money to cover Greta's car payments and insurance and on the note of insurance.......
  • went to go pay with post dated cheques the 2 remaining payments on insurance and was promptly told they made a mistake and my insurance amount had changed ( I went into the end of the world is coming oh my god please do not let it be to much higher mode in 2 seconds flat) BUT it was good news my insurance is cheaper by 1000 bucks !!! BONUS !
  • Christmas is only 12 days away and my god have I been shoppng. Boy is it nice to live in the city that hearlds the worlds biggest mall ( seriously it is the worlds biggest mall with a water park and wave pool, ice rink, 2 count em 2 rollar coasters and amusment park, golf driving range, shooting range, yep you can shoot guns in the place, and randomly seals penguins and flamingos ! oh yeah and the endless shops) So I have been buying for the mum for days. Cannot say what has been bought as she reads me so that would be a screw up on my part if listed the various items.
  • Cleo/Leo the gender confused cat is in heaven over here. He seriously is in his element in Canada and has a new best buddy in the world with old dikker. Mum and I have found endless fun and a new way to get through the dark Canadian winters.... Catnip !! Christ all I can say is it is so funny to watch 2 cats jacked up on catnip trying to lick the hinge on the door! sooooo funny. Dikker takes the form of a old drunk who weaves his mass weight across the room and cleo takes the form as the stupid teenage drunk when he falls off the giant cat tree thing we bought them ...endless fun ...catnip addicted kittys ha ha ha
  • I am warm! It has been like plus 5 for days and I am lovin it right now
  • I go to the gym here most days now ( 4 -5 days a week) it is odd though as normally there is the usual suspects : The no neck group of muscle bound men, the twinkies with smeared on makeup and so much licra it is ungodly and the old farts slogging it out. But there is a new group ...touque wearing freaks ( tougues as in winter wolly hats) yes there are boys working out wearing touques ?!?!? WHY I ASK WHY YOU FREAKS?!?!?

So that is all for now. Once I get mums digital camera up and running will take pics, hopefully this week, and post them. I will try and get pics of the overly high cats for you all to get mid day enjoyment from and of course Greta the wonder car.

All is well miss all my friends in the uk so much but I am still very happy to be back here in the great north and really not home sick for the UK. Aside from my magazines and the BBC god I miss those

Thats all for now all

L xx