Thursday, July 28, 2005


good day to alll !!!!!
well i had shocking and distressing news yesterday ! turns out my car was punishing me for being a bad car mummy !
the garage called and said was going to cost me 450 pounds to repair !!!!! needless to say i was in a state of shock. so i have only done part of the repairs that i can afford so that will just have to do !
on a much happier note i got home last night to the ceiling now existing in my bedroom!! woooohooooo! carpets go down today and paint tomorrow so i will have a functioning bedroom by friday whihc is much needed. the cat is getting severly put out over the whole situation so i am staying clear of him ha ha.
otherwise life is nto overly bad right now no near death experinces no other collapsing roofs can't complain all that much.
I was speaking to my mother. now for those of you who know me know my mother is very very cool and very very sarcastic and has extreme evil mummy moments. she also happens to be a jewish mother trapped in a english womens body.
anyway mother.... my mum has decided that it has been 8 years since my dad died and well time to get a new man as they say. this was of course after my 23 year old brother gave my 58 year old mother his ' permission ! ' well she has updated me ont he current situation.
she has found a daddy warbucks and he had invited her round for ' martinis' last week who has friends that drinks martinis in the middle of western canada on a sunday other then my mother ?!?!?!?
needless to say apperantly this guy has money so my aim is now to marry my mother off to him and that way i get something out of the bargin possibly
so will keep you updated on the outcome of this possible fruitful venture of my mums !
right gotta run

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

the world may be righting itself now ..... possibly !

well the world is slowly going back to normal for this girl!
after much stressing moaning and generally complaining i beleive i may be getting somewhere in regards to my non existant ceiling. they are sayin i wil have a functioning bedroom by friday. but problems are not all solved as well sort of need a bed to fill the new room ! oh well can't have everything can i i.
my landlord has alos just offered a £49.00 mattress to me which i have found out is a student mattress not impressed and have bluntly told him so as well ha ha !
update on the car : it is with the very expensive renault car doctors now as we speak. when dropping it off i decided try a different tatic. i went for the charm offensive rather then shouting the odds re the warrenty only time will tell if it has worked.
informed my boyfriend of my new blog and he asked me what do write on it? basically i said anything i wish and told him of the first entry his response was careful hun people will think you are a moaner ?!
well now come on those of you who know me ( Alex ) i am a proffesional moaner really am and i fully admit it as well ! so was no great shock when my lovely and may i say playstation cricket football obsessed boyfriend adviced me of this not so shocking news
anyway enough is enough all finished now aim for next entry is to not moan and see if i can actually do it !

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

the joys of renting flats!

I returned from my much anticipated trip back to Canada after a 2 year absence on the 15th of July. The first week back in the UK was mildly uneventful except for the never ending police helicopters that seem to be flying around now and a load of building works in my flat. And then it happened ..... life became very complicated and not easy at all.
firstly this past friday my car decided enough was enough i had been a bad car mum left it by itself for 3 weeks and it was throwing a strop. would not start. dead ! i had to get the big burly gym lads ( it died in front of the gym ) to come and push start me mildly embaressing but it worked i made it safely home!
i had decided Saturday was going to be uneventful. now for all of you non brits or women in britian the game cricket is possibly the most confusing and boring sport known to man i for some reason decided that Saturday was the day to try and understand it big mistake ! whilst going square eyed and feeling as though someone had stuck a egg beater in my skull i heard the sound of running water. it took me 5 minutes to realise that this in fact was coming from my bedroom ( before you ask no i do not have a water feature in my room ! ) turns out the radiator in the empty flat above me had burst and proceeded to recreate niagra falls in my bedroom. well the ceiling decided it had had enough and well it caved in !
so yes my trip to my lovely home land of Canada is long forgotten. i am now focused on finding the best possible way to sleep on my couch whilst sharing it with a rather put out cat and not being sucked into the black void of the crack of the couch.
they tell me it will take them 2 weeks to sort my room out but again i have little faith and have resigned to my bad luck !
the car goes to the car doctor tomorrow so fingers crossed it is not all doom and bloody gloom !!!