Thursday, July 28, 2005


good day to alll !!!!!
well i had shocking and distressing news yesterday ! turns out my car was punishing me for being a bad car mummy !
the garage called and said was going to cost me 450 pounds to repair !!!!! needless to say i was in a state of shock. so i have only done part of the repairs that i can afford so that will just have to do !
on a much happier note i got home last night to the ceiling now existing in my bedroom!! woooohooooo! carpets go down today and paint tomorrow so i will have a functioning bedroom by friday whihc is much needed. the cat is getting severly put out over the whole situation so i am staying clear of him ha ha.
otherwise life is nto overly bad right now no near death experinces no other collapsing roofs can't complain all that much.
I was speaking to my mother. now for those of you who know me know my mother is very very cool and very very sarcastic and has extreme evil mummy moments. she also happens to be a jewish mother trapped in a english womens body.
anyway mother.... my mum has decided that it has been 8 years since my dad died and well time to get a new man as they say. this was of course after my 23 year old brother gave my 58 year old mother his ' permission ! ' well she has updated me ont he current situation.
she has found a daddy warbucks and he had invited her round for ' martinis' last week who has friends that drinks martinis in the middle of western canada on a sunday other then my mother ?!?!?!?
needless to say apperantly this guy has money so my aim is now to marry my mother off to him and that way i get something out of the bargin possibly
so will keep you updated on the outcome of this possible fruitful venture of my mums !
right gotta run

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