Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Rats !!!

hello :)
well all is on a farily normal level. i know have a functioning bedroom and more importantly a bed !! and the car is working ...... for now
latest news is that i saw a rat !! a big ugly hair long tailed pointy nosed dirty smelly rat ! it greeted me as i came down the steps infront of my house last night. now i am not a big soft girl like to think of msyelf as very practical and well as close to normal as i can be. fair play i can be a bit dramatic at times but level headed. well all of that level headedness went out the window. i screamed blue murder and flapped about like a 2 year old. needless to say i scared it away.
most people will tell me ' you have a cat let him loose to kill it ' but then again most have met or heard about my gender confused cat and will soon realise he is useless. his current prey is the new rug i have put int he kitchen! i actually found him hissing at it and attacking. so come on before you say it no he would not be of any use in the rat catching department. if anything he may try and make friends with it ...... as stated he is useless !
my hording boyfirend informed me last night that he has made a start on his bedroom. now you may not think this is a big deal and asking yourself so what ??? it is a big deal this man has everything known to man in that room including anything cricket relatd ( yes the dreaded game again!) watford related and aussie rules related. beleive that if he continues his hording he will eventually die of death by sports stuff !!! so i was very proud to hear he managed to get one corner done. its a start ok ! ha ha
right enough for now will keep u up dated on both the smelly evil rate and my lovely yet hording boyfriends progress with his room ha

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