Wednesday, August 03, 2005

old friends

i have come to the conclusion it is easier to make new friends then to bother getting in touch with old ones. this may sound somewhat harsh or possibly cruel but it is true. i mean think about it you knew someone what 10 years ago and at the time you were best of friends practically inseprable and then you drift as you do ( i tend to call it growing up or maturing gracefully of course ! )
then next thing you know bang 10 years gone and they pop back into to your mind. and let me tellyou it is a mission to try and find them. i had a friend named Katie that i went all the way through school with. we graduated and i went travelling to Australia. when i got back just never got in touch silly i know and i do not understand why i didn't. anyway i have recently tried tracking her down and after multiple attempts i have to admit defeat. last place i tracked her to was Japan gave up after that. so yes new friends much much easier. get drunk have a riot and bang there is your new possible friend. also the gym sweet lord i have a whole new social life due to the gym and it is great! never thought it would be possible to get a social life in gym but some how i have managed it.

i have a new music obsession who goes by the name of James Blunt what a amazing talented guy the music is so good and could easily listen to it for ages ( although yet to aquire the album ha ha ) but when i do i am sorry to say he is bumping my current fav Gavin Mcgraw out of the car and james is going in ! just in case you want to have a look

as i stated previously my room was destroyed the other week along with a lot of my hard earned clothing. well i was in a state last night when i found a shirt i had bought ages ago at selfridges ruined now most would ay only a shirt. i however say a shirt that cost me £ 100 pounds a year ago was gutted. not bothered so much about the money but the fact that i can't get the shirt anywhere anymore so that is now my latest obsession in finding a shirt whihc is close enough in similarity to the old one when my insurabnce money comes through. ( god loves insurance claims !! )
i cannot wait to go shopping !! so excited already been going online and looking at what to buy
nothing better then shopping
anyway off and away now must actually do some work

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