Thursday, August 04, 2005

old friends part 2.....and other stuff as well

well to add on from yesterdays rant and to possibly eat my words i have a few things to say. i take back some of my rant about old friends being a paint o get in touch with and new friend making much easier. yesterday via my sister, Alexs blog i got in touch with a old friend and i got a response !!!!!! her name is heather and she is mad lovely and very cool. she was our Australian exchange student for a year about 8 years ago now i think. she was lovely and mad. my brother George and her butted heads endlessly and the one thing i remeber most about heather apart from the fact that at 16 or however old she was she was extrodinarly well developed if you know what i mean, was her perfume dune. to this day i still smell or see a dune bottle and she jumps into my mind odd really. anyway she moved ot the states a few years back and we lost touch. my sister and mum have always been in touch with her though. so yeah i am now eating my words !!
my lovely yet A typed personality sister gave me a mention in her blog last night which was very cool althouhg she called me mundane! any other person and i would be offended but you must realise that my sister is a bitch but don't think bitch as in just a cow she is just wvil in a good way if that is possible. it is within her personality to put people in their places tell them they are wrong and oh yes to have world domination ha ha ! so yes thank you alex for the mention you prove that on the odd occasion you can be nice :)
handed my land lord my insurance papers last night and it came to £500 so hopefully i will get that shortly and i will have a new set of bedroom furniture. yes i do not get a load of excitment in my life so yes i am abnormally excited at this prospect !
you will notice my new chest of draws that i have my heart set on currently ( although i am sure this will change ) i am slowly convincing my boyfriend matt that it is a boyfriends job requirement to set furniture up for their girlfriends. i do know how to do this but i also have a low patience threshold so i reckon matt can help to keep me calm! i have made a deal with him that he can watch hours of sky sports this will of course include the crappy game known as cricket ! i plan on drinking when this is on my tiny little telly
was at the gym yesterday and was doing my normal death by workout routine ( lost another 4 kg in total i have lost 4.5 stones !! 14 pounds to the stone in case you are wondering what the hell is this girl on about ) and there was a girl beside me on the cross trainer that freaked me out ! she was fully doen up i mean heari 4 inches of makeup and mascara. was she was working out she was rising up and down on the cross trainer i mean like she was on a bleeding roller coaster well that threw me of my rythm and well nearly face planted myself to the ground. but on top of that her makeup started running liek the river thames down the side of her face. why i ask ?!?!?!?!??! why wear makeup what is the point !!! there is not one my god the stupid cow
right rant done going to do some actual work now everyone

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