Friday, August 05, 2005

It is the weekend !!!!!!! Thank the sweet lord !!!!

Well as you can tell by my header I am somewhat excited about the fact that it is now the weekend well almost 2 more hours and I am out of the world known as belden for 48 hours !!
you know since I took this job some year and a half ago I have ever increasingly become obsessed with of all things cable. I dream about cables this cannot be normal what so ever at all. I dream that I have reels upon reels of cables in my flat and I am trying to sell them so odd. It now gets worse I am now finding myself looking for my cables. When I am at a traffic light and I see a BT van with a massive reel behind it I purposefully look to see if it is our cable. One I see it is I am strangely satisfied !? I am 26 almost 27 and I get excited over cable sitings hmmm right.

I cheated today and I had a chip butty and let me tell you it was amazing unreal and ooooooohhhhh so so good. I figure the fact that I have now uped my sit ups to a awe inspiring 800 now ( very painful currently I cannot move sideways ) I deserved the chip butty. Fully worth the cheat. That and the fact that I plan on possibly drinking a cheap bottle of wine tonight to lighten the mood ha !

I have decided I desperately want a Louis vutton bag do not as me why this is but I now have bag envy when ever I see another girl with one and have this uncontrollable urge to snatch it from her skinny overly rich arms. Then ration kicks in and I think a bag is hardly worth a prison term ha
so yes this is what I desperately desire now.
right now I have rambled about nothing I am going to go and pretend to do work for the last hour and a bit and then bugger off home !!
have a lovely weekend all :)


heather said...

out of all of the Louis Vuitton, you picked the blank Murakami Speedy bag?

i have been away too long. i must help you =)

Alexandra said...

Louisa - you have to adjust your comment settings to allow people who don't have a blogspot to post. Alexis wants to comment, but she can't!

louisa said...

i know iknow but i love that bag heather really do can't help myself everytime i see one!!

alex how do i do that ???? i want to do this but i am confused !!!! help ?????