Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cuddly BBC Reporter John Sweeney

Recently a panorama story aired on the crazies in Scientology ( yes this is my belief they are nut jobs as well as it being a cult by the way crazzzziiiesss ! )

Anyway unfortunately Mr Sweeney , the investigating reporter, had a teeny tiny little outburst with one of the guys from " the cult" Now to be fair he did lose it ever so slightly but from what I have gathered he had also pretty much been followed 24/7 by the churchs hired goons....even into the bathroom.
It has been reported on the ABC news website and they have people commenting on it ( most saying that the sceintologists are crazies as well) . The below comment made me laugh out loud. I believe it is one of the funnier things I have read in a little while:

" I took a look at his verbal outburst. His was direct and forceful, but controlled. In some cities, that would be considered a hug. Not necessarily cuddly, but a hug none the less. "


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Defining Kate Moss's Extra carilcular " Hobbies"

I think that this is one of the best pieces of commenting I have ever seen on a news website about a articale.
There is a great debate going on over here due to the fact that Kate Moss has designed her clothing range to fit only 0 - 6 women ( man she needs to fire her business planner !! they suck)
And someone wrote the following in regards to Miss Moss

"Kate Moss has a modeling career, not a "role modeling" career. Her only job is to wear/design clothes. She has the right to live however she pleases and she is not obligated to live her life for anyone but herself. People use their spare time to engage in numerous types of activities. Maybe you like going to church; she likes doing blow"

Oh lord oh lord I laughed my big fat ass of at that amazingly funny bit of writing and commenting ! SOOOOOOO FUNNY !