Sunday, October 30, 2005

Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday to meeeee!!!!!.....

Unless you are a fool and can't read ( and if you can't why the hell are you attempting to read my blog ?! ) it is my Birthday well sort of as my Birthday was yesterday.
I am officially the bad side of my 20's ! I am 27 three years off 30 oh my god !! A slightly terrifying prospect!
I had a good birthday though it has to be said. On Saturday I went out with Sarah who is fast becoming best friend for me as she is so damn cool and lovely and has the biggest heart out there. Anyway we had a proper girls day. Went shopping to the Mecca known as primark hmmmm I love primark so so much. Went book shopping and then had a fab lunch at a super nice place in West Disdsbury. Then we went back to our places and had a lovely mid afternoon kip and then once rejuvenate went to get our hair done! Was the perfect pre Birthday day out. On my actual Birthday I was a little more relaxed just chilled at home basically . I did go to the gym and had a mega session of cardio which yes I realize is odd to do on your Birthday but I loved it. Then went and shopped a load more !!! I finally bought a pair of trainers I have envied fro sometime and got them in a massively good sale
reduced from £65.00 to £16.99 !Yeses you can pick your jaw off the floor it is really I did get them at thebargainin price stated and I have just attempted to put a pic on here to show you what they look like but it is not playing nice today ( computer by the way ) and not working. So if you go on the skecheAmericanan website and look under sneakers for women they are called antic and they are black and white. loveoe my trainers hmmmm
Also treated myself to a new hand bag which is lovely as well. So yep basically I treated myself on actually birthday. Then met up with the lovely Sarah again and had the mosdivinene Sunday roast dinner hmmm Lamb hmmmmm
so that was my Birthday weekend.
I got some lovely gifts well. My mum sent me £40 which I will expand on later as to what I spent that on. Matt got me the full set of the lacoste Pink perfume which was lovely plus a new scarf glove hat set all in black with a really long scarf which was perfect. He has another gift but I do not get that until we go to Brussels to see Alex in 2 weeks. Plus he winotnto give me decent hints and Alex knows whatit is and won't spill either grrrrrr!
Matt's parents were extra lovely and gave me a £20 gift voucher for Boots otherwise known as heaven to me Spent the £20 plus another £10 but was so well worth every suingle penny over spent
And Sarah helped pay for my hair cut with was so nice na dthe perfect gift and I enjoyed it as well with her as she got hers done at the same time. So all in all perfect Birthday by a mile

Right I have been off sick for a week and this is my first day back into human society and adult human conversation ( hard when it is me I know ! ) I had the awful aweful evil cold last week. I mean evil ! I had no voice for 5 of the 7 days and when I did attempt to speak I sounded evil. tracey at work decided I sounded like Patty and Selma off the Simpsons and even though I threatened to killer her for this comparison deep down I knew she was bang on. Event he damn cat hid as the sound that came out of my mouth was terrifying to him and was not his mummy ha !
Right now back to the £40 that my mum sent me for Birthday. I bought a slow cookerYes!!! yes I know this is odd and strange but I love it! I can cook all sorts in it. Seriously I have not stopped since I gHavet. have chili chilli a stew and soup and today it is currently cooking back Mediterraneaneranian chickenIhmmm. i am hoping the novelty wears off soon as I am ever increasingly running out of room in my tiny little freezer!!
right leaving it at that for now

Friday, October 21, 2005

I am far to Envious of others it is not Healthy !!

I have recently come to the conclusion that I have a major fault ( yes yes one of many whatever ! ) I am a far to envious person. I do not just envy the good looking people and the lucky but I envy things like nice houses nice cars in fact nice damned lives !!

This envy initially started when I lived by myself for the first time in the UK 2 years ago now. Before that I shared in various houses and a few really nice houses at that ! Anyway I moved into this flat in Whalley Range where I was likely the only white girl due to the fact that it was smack dab in the middle of the Afro Caribbean area. Plus you could not miss me for my sticker onto he back of my bright green Clio which read ' Canadian girls kick ass!' and yes the sticker is still there. Strangely no one has ever challenged me as of yet but I do get sheer amusement as I watch the builders in their white vans in the morning reading the sticker through my rear view mirror !! Right sorry digressing a little back to the envy. Anyway was well chuffed with myself and my first ' by myself flat' reminded me of Bridget Jones but not so sad. I was in new home bliss for exactly 24 hours and that was it. I then realized when they said unfurnished they bloody well meant it. There was nothing in this place seriously no cooker no washer no curtain into he shower for gods sakes there were no plugs nor a fridge ( had to put my pint bottle of milk on the first day in a sink of cold water !!! ) I slowly began to envy every person I saw even ones I did not know. I was thinking things like ' yeah smile away you air head just because you have a fridge makes you no better then my you bimbo !!'
What made this worse was the fact that I had just left my job as well so I was skint I mean so so poor so it took me ages to get myself sorted and even then it was not great. I had a stella beer fridge for a fridge and I never actaulyl got a cooker whilst I lived there you know ! I found amazing things to do with the free microwave that was given to me. So yes I was a envious cow all the time constantly and never endingly!
I eventually moved out of this shit hole and around the corner to a rung up the ladder of shit holes and I was in heaven it had everything even a bloody couchand plugs !!!!! I have been enchanted for some unknown reason by my little flat for the last year but horribly the envy is creeping back and the enchantment is wearing off rapidly. It has bad windows and horrible green carpet with a matching sofa. The walls have damp and the floor is uneven. I am making the envy worse lately by looking what is being advertised to rent out there right now and god dammit life sucks cause those lovely flats round the corner from me are just the same inside damned lovely !!!! But they are also 450 pounds a month over 100 pounds more then what I currently pay. It is not fair at all!!
So now I look at my flat and think can I make this look better more modern and have come to the conclusion it is not humanly possibly to!!!

other things I am envious of : people with amazing groups of friends
people with cars that never seem to get dirty
people with well behaved pets who everyone coos and ooos over not like my bastard cat who everyone calls unbalanced.
People who always have perfect hair !!!! How is that possible ?!?!
people who say things like ' never had a single problem with my teeth ' I think you will in a minute if you keep rubbing it !
People who have lovely smelling houses always . I try this but for some reason it never has that smell of perfection ever and the more I try the more I get high off the amount of air fresheners I use at once ( note : do not mix and pine smells with berry smells so does not work at all )
People that manage to get others to turn heads when they walk down the street . I believe that they are actually robots sending out subliminal messages to stare !
People with narrow feet ! You lucky bastards !!! I so cannot wear all those lovely strappy shoes due to my duck like feet !!!
People who own their own house in the UK that are my age . Considering the average house now costs £150,000 how the hell are you doing this are you pimping yourself out to pay the mortgage!!!!

So yes everyone I am envious of just about everything I guess and you know what ??Soso what I can if I want to dammit !!

Friday, October 14, 2005


Thank you to the man at the Tescos at 6 am for telling me I had toilet paper on my shoe!!!!
Thank you to the women at asda petrol station at 6:3- this mornign for telling me I had actually put my shirt on inside out !!! Thanks for that you evil cow!!
thanks to the work colleague for informing me this morning that my fly was undone and I was flashing my orange and white tropical palm printed le senza underwear at him ( I so know he saw it !!! ) bastard !!
thanks to my landlord for telling me that the shit he destroyed in my bedroom by his own sheer stupidity by flooding the flat above me !!! And then telling me he can only offer me 200 pound of insurance money as he needs to 'cover his cost as well' thanks you fucker !! Don't worry I will cover my costs by not paying my rent see how ya like that !!!
Thanks to the inbred illierate bastard at asda behind the till who refuses to admit the charged me double for everything and then grunts at me that I need to go to the customer service desk to get it sorted even though he believes there is nothing wrong with what he did ?!?! yep that is why you work at asda you muppet !!!

as you may be able to tell I am in a slightly and somewhat aggressive mood today and well I am letting it out!! Plus it is Friday and my theory is that the world rights itself every Friday and goes tits up every Monday! So it seems appropriate to let it all out to vent it before the weekend starts.
so yes thank you to all the assholes out there who brighten my life on a daily bastard basis and enriching it with your intelligent wit and humor !!! Yeah right !

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Beds, They are great you know

I love my bed !! In fact I sometimes believe that I possibly lust after my bed. I know this may sound odd or possibly strange but it is true!! I get into work and all I can think about is my bed, I get in the car and all I can think about is how nice it would be to be in my bed. For gods sakes I sit on the couch and think damn I want to be in my bed ( at 5 in the afternoon !! )

So I started to think am I the only one like this and realized that I am not alone that others are like me. That others have their beds on their brains for at least half the day if not more. You think about it a bed is a lust and life long commitment all in one. I mean we dress it in pretty cloths and some people insist on adorning it with those stupid fluffy animals as though they think it makes it look sweet ( it does not can I say it makes it look like a psycho sleeps there men see this and run remember this girls THEY RUN AT THE SIGHT OF STUFFED ANIMALS ON BEDS !!!! ) We spend made amounts of money on our beds like we would with someone we love and cherish. So yes I also and inclined to believe some treat a bed as one of the family.

I have also come to understand that my cat ( cleo ) is in love or lusting after the bed as well. I know for a fact tha the sleeps on that bed all day and does not move what so ever. I know this due to the cemented in cat sized dent on the duvet and the extrodinarly warm patch he has been slumbering on for the last 8 hours non stop. It is funny when I get home he reminds me of myself when I was a kid. When we cam home from school we wre meant to do our chores then our homework and then look after the animals but instead we vegged in front of the TV! Like any normal kid of course! Anyway we would hear that front door open or that car pull into the drive and we would do the mad dash to hide the fact that in fact we were not following the rules and we were being bad kids ! Well the cat does this mad dash from the door as if to say 'nope I was not on the bed all day in fact I was bouncing about killing all bugs in sight mum' but sometimes he is in such a deep sleep on his bed that he only manages to lift his head of said duvet look at me as if to say ' come on I am a cat what the hell do you bloody expect of me ?!?!?!'
So yes the cat also I believe has bed lust as well.

There is nothing better then crawling into bed in the middle of winter with a hot water bottle a good book and clean sheets. I have to say that I would almost call it a hobby. I prepare myself for these nights like you would stretch for the gym. I have a meal that is what you would call a comfort meal like soup or roast chicken. Then I have a bath with my book ( yeah ok and a fag as well ! ) make a cup of tea get in fresh jammies and presto I am ready for the big event!! Getting into my bed hmmmmm
So yes as stated beds are great ! As stated yes I love and lust my bed !
hmmmm bed .............

Monday, October 10, 2005

The weekend and then random stuff

Hello All
Yep it is Monday, Yes I so wish it was Friday better yet I wish it was actually Saturday but because I cannot alter time with my supper powers it is still Monday !!
I had a weekend down in London and had a great time. Went to a Australian Rules Football match and god I loved it. I have also realized that I love violence in sport as well! My god they play rough and I have to say I so cheered them on like a mad women. There was a number of full on brawls on of which was right infront of us. You knew you were in a stadium that had 17000 people in it and half were Aussies if not more and all you here is punch him you mongrel bastard!! Pure bloody class loved every minute of it ! So yes that is what I did this weekend and loved it.

It is thanksgiving weekend in Canada this past weekend. I fully admit that I got a little homesick for it all if I am honest. I miss that smell of my mum's holiday cooking. Turkey and roast potatoes and she also said she was making her legendary leek potato and bacon pie. When she mentioned this on the phone I then became even more homesick and a little tear may possibly have appeared in my eye at the thought of it all. I think I also though miss the company more then the food. All the regulars who come round for these occasions always around 2 - 3 pm all baring booze and sweets as gifts. Uncle Murray normally brings the best stuff in the booze area, normally champagne and aunty Sandy normally brings the yummy desserts. So yes I did get homesick for it all.

Recently I have thought more and more what it would be like if I did move back home. Things like would I regret leaving here? Would I get a decent job? Would I find a nice place to live? Would I even like it ? I have got as far as asking myself the questions and then never actually thinking of the answers. I am fairly sure that I only think of this when I speak to my Mum or brother and it only is a fleeting or passing thought. I still enjoy living here and have a great life and friends so no point right now is there ?

I was watching the news this morning and was completely and utterly shocked and disgusted when a report came on about a man brutalized by the New Orleans police department. This just concretes my line of thought that the vast majority of not only the public but the people in positions of powers are no more intelligent then a chicken. The fact that a human being can do that to another is one thing but the fact that a human being which is a police officer who knows he is on camera and continues to do it is a completely different thing!! The sheer stupidity and inbredness of some of the American population is proven in this video clip. The narrow minded people that get into positions like police officers and politicians is also proven in this video clip. But what gets my goat the most is the fact that at the end of the day America is a democracy and they voted this administration and this government in and so they have only themselves to blame. By voting these people in again these problems seem to get worse and more and more swept under the rug. No doubt in 48 hours time that mans beating for being drunk and ok possibly abusive will no longer be a issue there will be a new issue for people to latch on to for another few days.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Work, life more dating stuff and so on and so forth

Yes I realize I have been very quiet of late. It has been part laziness and part not been in the mood and a lot of things to mull over about as well.

Lots of things have been going down at work which I cannot fully discuss over my blog due to the nature of it but it is not great and has made me re think my position as well. I do love my job and on a whole I enjoy the people I work for as well there are the odd ones that grate on me just as I am sure I grate on them. But yeah I do love my job and I am losing some sleep over the goings on of recent events. When I am able to I will obviously elaborate on this all for you.

On a life front well hmmmmm ... Yeah not a whole lot has gone on actually !!!! I have been living a hermit's life ..... And freakin loving it! Love going home closing the door and that's it no one to bother me no phone ringing no attitude coped off at me by others ( aside from the cat will expand on this in a minute ) just me !! My space no one else and it is bloody great.

The cat ! Well the cat has now got a some what diva like approach to life now which disturbs me on many levels. You may be asking how can a cat a boy cat at that have a diva like approach to life ???? Well he does ! You must remember this is the gender confused cat so his start in life was mixed up anyway. His Diva behavior is as follows: he now refuses to eat out of is dish unless it is completely full to the brim. He then refuses to eat past the half way mark of the bowl which means I cannot remember the last time I actually saw the bottom of the bowl let alone the bowl empty. That is not normal people!! I tried the tough love approach by refusing to place anymore food in the bowl until he had eaten what was in there ( which was the equivalent of 2 meals worth) HE REFUSED TO EAT IT !!!!! he wandered round the flat for 2 solid days crying moaning and lying on the floor playing dead whilst peaking throuh one eye to see if his mama was actually feeling sorry for him and giving in. Well I gave in , I had to give in anyone who would have heard this cat would have thought he was a seriously mistreated and abused cat !! For the record this cat lives the life of Riley ok no abuse what so ever.
Second Diva moment was when I went to bed and the cat actually threw a complete fit because I had removed the pillow that was at the end of the bed that he was sleeping on. When I say fit he actually started to cry no word of a lie ! Then he went down to the pillow on the floor and rather then just giving in realizing he is only a cat after all and sleeping on it there, he got the damned thing between his teeth and attempted to carry it back on the bed ( he failed miserably ! )
so yeah I have decided that if I am not able to raise my relatively stupid feline friend to be a respectable member of society then I am certainly not cut out for raising small snotty real live children !!
Dating : As stated in previous entry I had a gather with same girlfriends of mine and we discussed dating ettiqute and rules and more have cropped up since this meeting such as:

Act your age boys this means both young and old. You do not need to act like a 14 year old boy seeing a naked women for the first time in your life but on the flip side you should not act like a 50 year old man saving his coupons for a big night out at the local Chinese !!! It is a turn off seriously it really is !
Why do guys put so much pressure on about actually having sex ???? They do you know they build it up in their minds as the encore performance to a perfect evening or date when in actual fact it could just be crap! Women tend to just think well if it happens it happens and if it doesn't well there are other means and ways to get where you want ! Ha ha so yeah guys stop it it is not a big deal stop making it out to be the end all and be all
This actually came up again it was asked of me to enforce this point out on my blog again. We do not like guys who act nervous and unconfident it makes us edgy really does! Whether it is in normal conversation in public or in the bedroom . Pretend if you don't have confidence ok ?!
And finally yes it is trued we all like nice guy a sweet guy with a personality and a sense of humor but we also like a well turned out well dressed fashionable guy. It is true most women whether it is a little bit or a lot are image conscious we cannot help this it is just that way . Do not question it
right think that's enough for one day from me as I am far to lacking in ambition today to be able to type anything remotely intelligent and thoughtful. However I will attempt thoughtful and intelligent next time promise !