Monday, October 03, 2005

Work, life more dating stuff and so on and so forth

Yes I realize I have been very quiet of late. It has been part laziness and part not been in the mood and a lot of things to mull over about as well.

Lots of things have been going down at work which I cannot fully discuss over my blog due to the nature of it but it is not great and has made me re think my position as well. I do love my job and on a whole I enjoy the people I work for as well there are the odd ones that grate on me just as I am sure I grate on them. But yeah I do love my job and I am losing some sleep over the goings on of recent events. When I am able to I will obviously elaborate on this all for you.

On a life front well hmmmmm ... Yeah not a whole lot has gone on actually !!!! I have been living a hermit's life ..... And freakin loving it! Love going home closing the door and that's it no one to bother me no phone ringing no attitude coped off at me by others ( aside from the cat will expand on this in a minute ) just me !! My space no one else and it is bloody great.

The cat ! Well the cat has now got a some what diva like approach to life now which disturbs me on many levels. You may be asking how can a cat a boy cat at that have a diva like approach to life ???? Well he does ! You must remember this is the gender confused cat so his start in life was mixed up anyway. His Diva behavior is as follows: he now refuses to eat out of is dish unless it is completely full to the brim. He then refuses to eat past the half way mark of the bowl which means I cannot remember the last time I actually saw the bottom of the bowl let alone the bowl empty. That is not normal people!! I tried the tough love approach by refusing to place anymore food in the bowl until he had eaten what was in there ( which was the equivalent of 2 meals worth) HE REFUSED TO EAT IT !!!!! he wandered round the flat for 2 solid days crying moaning and lying on the floor playing dead whilst peaking throuh one eye to see if his mama was actually feeling sorry for him and giving in. Well I gave in , I had to give in anyone who would have heard this cat would have thought he was a seriously mistreated and abused cat !! For the record this cat lives the life of Riley ok no abuse what so ever.
Second Diva moment was when I went to bed and the cat actually threw a complete fit because I had removed the pillow that was at the end of the bed that he was sleeping on. When I say fit he actually started to cry no word of a lie ! Then he went down to the pillow on the floor and rather then just giving in realizing he is only a cat after all and sleeping on it there, he got the damned thing between his teeth and attempted to carry it back on the bed ( he failed miserably ! )
so yeah I have decided that if I am not able to raise my relatively stupid feline friend to be a respectable member of society then I am certainly not cut out for raising small snotty real live children !!
Dating : As stated in previous entry I had a gather with same girlfriends of mine and we discussed dating ettiqute and rules and more have cropped up since this meeting such as:

Act your age boys this means both young and old. You do not need to act like a 14 year old boy seeing a naked women for the first time in your life but on the flip side you should not act like a 50 year old man saving his coupons for a big night out at the local Chinese !!! It is a turn off seriously it really is !
Why do guys put so much pressure on about actually having sex ???? They do you know they build it up in their minds as the encore performance to a perfect evening or date when in actual fact it could just be crap! Women tend to just think well if it happens it happens and if it doesn't well there are other means and ways to get where you want ! Ha ha so yeah guys stop it it is not a big deal stop making it out to be the end all and be all
This actually came up again it was asked of me to enforce this point out on my blog again. We do not like guys who act nervous and unconfident it makes us edgy really does! Whether it is in normal conversation in public or in the bedroom . Pretend if you don't have confidence ok ?!
And finally yes it is trued we all like nice guy a sweet guy with a personality and a sense of humor but we also like a well turned out well dressed fashionable guy. It is true most women whether it is a little bit or a lot are image conscious we cannot help this it is just that way . Do not question it
right think that's enough for one day from me as I am far to lacking in ambition today to be able to type anything remotely intelligent and thoughtful. However I will attempt thoughtful and intelligent next time promise !


Emma said...

Think I was supposed to leave my comment here rather than emailing but hey ho!! Again with the OMG you don't half rant on!! Still have a headache!! lol xx

Emma said...

Oh and by the way, you have completely put me off what I was looking for now! Lol Just sort of fell over this blog stuff and it reminded me of you. Found you first time thou....starting to wish I hadn't lol lol xxx

kalisekj said...

Hey, I have enjoyed...your blog is informative - even entertaining.

I have a halloween sites. They pretty much covers costumes and masks related stuff.

Thanks again and I'll be sure to bookmark you.

louisa said...

emma: you should have known that about me i do rant on endlessly !! ha ha i consider this part of my chamr and appeal
kalisekj: thanks !!! glad you like it ( se emma people do like me ! ha ) happy to hear you read it and you are more then welcome to come on in and have a read and a comment anytime you like :)

Anonymous said...

charm and appeal - who told you that lol lol lol

Emma said...

oh that was me again by the way, can't get the hang of this....must be cos I haven't used my brain for the last 6 months!!!

louisa said...

oi i so have charm and appeal !!!! do not shatter my little bubble lady !!
god if you are like this now what you going to be like when you get back to work emma ha ha !!

Emma said...

You have to give me a break, I've spent the last 4 n a half months saying ah ba ba ba ba and that's about it!! I need some adult conversation and people to wind up lol lol