Monday, January 30, 2006

The weekend Breakdown

Morning all :) Happy new week to you all ( yeah really I am not all that happy it is Monday but someone has to pretend don't they ? )

So yeah my weekend ..... oh the excitement..... yeah not really that exciting.
Sometimes I wish I could come on here on a Monday morning and write about this fantastic memorable weekend I just went through. Tell witty stories, Burble on about the itellectual things I have done and the exciting people I met .... Never going to happen at this rate. Have the social life of a snail... Mostly my own doing to be fair !

So yeah Saturday I had a mission to go and do the boxing training that my gym was holding and well I never. There were 2 reasons for this first one being as follows. I recently told someone I just met that this was my plan for Saturday morning along with going out on Saturday evening. The text I go back read as follows:
Un-named person: Well least I know you can handle yourself in the bar then if there is any trouble
( kinda read like that can't remember exact words but you get the meaning of it )

This freaked me out on so so so many levels !!! I have come to the conclusion that I would rather others would not know me as the ass beating girl who can handle herself ( not very femine really is it ?? )
Second reason is that well ... I was to damn lazy for that excitement.
I did go to the gym and did do my work out though for a hour and a freakin half !!!! 6 miles later and 400 sit ups later ( this tummy will tighten up if it is the last damn thing I do ) My legs were like rubber when I got in the are. Sure sign you have done a good work out : You have troubles shifting your car !!
Right now the evening, my lovely best mate Sarah had me round for a lovely ( healthy dinner) was nice to just spend time with her tell her all that has been going on in recent days and just well have a great time. We went out for a drink in West Didsbury and were surrounded by pretentious assholes for the majority of the night. You know the kind, 30 years old have a bit of money behind them and think they are something special . When in actuality their mother is hooked on dope there sister has just been knocked up for the second time ... She is only 17 and you grew up in the shittiest area known to man. God they drove us mad !!

Sunday was boredom at its worst. Gym - home - couch - sleep - wakeup - back to sleep and so on and so forth . You can see Sunday was highly productive. Saying that I baked for some unknown reason. " apple pies , 1 lot of brownies and a Banana bread later I reckoned the manic baking had to stop - baking - stop - back on the couch - asleep

Oh the excitement !

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Life and a Rant as well

You know life is a funny thing. By funny I mean the way it works out and just ' ticks over'. The way sometimes it all goes brilliantly well for you on one day and by the next you want to find either the fast bullet train to jump infront of or the tallest building to leap off to just end it all !!

Life has been a veritable thing of ups and downs for me over the last little while. You know this from previous post and other things as well I have not mentioned and won't just now but promise to a little later. I would not say I have been depressed but I would say that I have been confused by what direction I want my life to go in. And now I am slowly starting to figure it out. I have made some big changes recently and little ones and wow holy shit do those change make a difference on how you look and react to things.
I still do want to go home to Canada eventually but have decided I need to get a clear plan in my head to do this and figure it out logically ( yes all you who know me know I am not logical and anything I tend to do has not plan nor make any sense to be fair)
Also I have decided that I defiantly need to move sooner then later. Number of reasons for this. The biggest damn one being this : MY DAMN BOILER KEEPS BREAKING and if any one person leaves a comment reading ' your Canadian you should be used to it' I will hunt you down and probably stab you in the eyes and stick you in a freezer to see how I have been feeling in my ice box for the last week ( fair play probably would not stab you in the eyes just not nice that ) Seriously I got home from circuit training on Tuesday and the minute I walked in my flat my leg muscles seized up and screamed up to my brain ' WHY WHY WHY ?!?! I called the emergency man who never turned up. Even the cat was cold he tried to drag off my hot water bottle.
And then last night the exact same thing happened !!!! Came in from the gym, got hit by a ice block of cold air and promptly dropped to the ground to stop my legs from twitching to death ( was not quick enough and was hobbled for the rest of the night)
The boiler alone is enough to drive someone out but there are other things as well. I need to have some sort of daily human interaction. The cat , Cleo/leo , can only offer so much bloody entertainment, which mainly consists of me putting tape on the end of his tail and watching him run round to get it ( trust me I am not being cruel he loves it and looks for the tape roll when I am on the couch ok ! ) But also financially damn it is costing way to much to rent living by yourself !!!!

Right life changing rant over now everyone ....Sorry had to be done

Now for the daily rants: Today it is a thank you day so here we go :
Thanks to the lady in the silver golf who this morning thought it would be funny to ride up my ass as we were driving into work at 7 in the morning ... Honestly either you learn how to drive or next time we stop at a light I am going to take your keys away !! No one should be that eager to get to work in the morning !!
Thanks to the boiler man who said ' sorry Louisa I did not get your message the other night about your broken boiler' yeah right fool !!! I know you did because I got a return receipt from the text message I sent you and when I called the first time it rang second time you turned your phone off....You try freezing your ass off and then realizing it is actually warm outside then in your damn flat ... Bastard !
Thanks to the guy at Tescos's who did not mention the fact that my fly was undone even though the only reason I realized it was undone was due to the fact that you were looking at it !! ... And you expect me to continue to shop at your shitty shop ... Yeah right ( note : yes this is the second time this has happened to me at this Tescos and yes written about the first time previously)
Thanks to the builders next door for the early wake up call on Saturday ... For Christ sakes guys ever thought that some people do have social lives on Friday nights and god damn have a thumping hangover on Saturday mornings and do not need to listen to you lot banging away !!! Cheers !!!

right I am done now anger let out now feel better and the purple shade to my features is gone now.
speak to you later comment away if you wish !

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

NEW !!! Weekly recommendations

I have recently decided to do something new on my blog. Now I accept the fact that I more then Likely have minimal readership due to lack of comments. But I do not give a fuck so there I am doing this and this is my new thing:
Each week I am going to recommend things not entirely sure what as of yet and I think it will be different things each week from books to food to things to do. Hopefully just maybe or by the faintest chance someone will find it good or useful or they will find it pants and never come back ha ha ! So here we go people :

Firstly I am currently addicted to my new Jack Johnson CD

I do realize he has been around for some time now however I only got into him recently when I heard track 11 off this album ' Breakdown' I knew I would like it straight away.

It is the perfect album for sitting back and relaxin to. Good for in the car when you have some 90 year old doing 20 miles an hour in front of you for no apparent reason other then they should not be behind the damn wheel, it relaxes you!

So fully recommend you buy it listen to it and then pass it on to a friend really good.

Books hmmmm god do I love my books I cannot sleep at night even if I have been on the drink without attempting to read something. There are so so many books I want to mention but will start with my all time favorite series. My mum introduced me to this years ago and have been hooked ever since. Reading some of the books 2 times over. It is called the outlander series and very hard to describe effectively to you but will make it brief. There are 5 books in the series increasing in size with each one. Do not kid yourself if you think you can read these in a week because you cannot ok.

Basically it goes like this: set in Scotland women goes near weird cirdle of stones and then BANG she is back in time. She goes back to I think 1600's or so right smack into the middle of the jacobite wars between the English and Scottish. Forced to marry Scot and goers from there she is a doctor which makes it more intereresting. Honestly do not judge by my description look it up. Really is gripping and keeps you sucked in from beginning until end. Promise you.

Food: Hmm how I love food and god how I love cooking it as well. Bit hard to do when you live by yourself. You tend to make mass amounts of things and then you are eating the same damned thing day in and day out just because you made the damn stuff. I do not have anything specific to recommend but I do have this to say.

BAKE !!!! Not enough people bake anymore it is a dying art form as far as I am concerned. People seem scared of it for no reason at all. So dammit people bake something this weekend !!!

exercise... Some of you may know least friends and family will, that since February last year I went on a big lose weight get fit campaign and well almost a year later here are the results: I have lost just under 5 stone ( 67 pounds for non English people ) I have gone down 4-5 dress sizes and well I have to say damn I am looking better then ever did. I go to the gym 5 - 6 times a week now and actually love it. Now my recommendation is this : circuit training !!! I just started it for the first time 2 weeks ago and had my second session last night. PAIN !!! But completely worth every ache and pain. Try it at least twice because if you just go the once you will only think of it as painful by the second time it is not nearly as bad.

So that's all it may be a bit lame but makes me feel useful for 5 minutes and well I do it for me so if you do not like it get stuffed :) Will think of more things to recommend next week. Basically it is a excuse to ramble on to my self and feel important. Just play along with me ok ?? Pretty please ?? Bye x

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Home and then other things as well

Recently I have thought about returning to Canada in the future more and more. Now my mother does not know this but obviously she will now ha ha ! But yeah in all seriousness it has been a thought that has not only crept into my mind but firmly implanted itself there. I am not talking about picking up and leaving in a few months but maybe in the next 2 years I may want to. I mentioned this to my sister Alex who promptly asked me ( and more then likely correctly ) ' make sure there are no debt collectors after you ?!' yeah she is right should make sure they have stopped chasing me.

You ask what has brought this on? A lot has to be honest. Obviously having all my family here over the holidays did open my eyes up to what I am missing most plus it also made me realize I lead a very solitude life otherwise. So it just made me think how much more I enjoy my mum and bro and sis now. The fact that I really really enjoy spending time with mum but knowing I will only get smacked once and a while rather then all the time for stupid behavior makes it worth it in itself !!!

The other big factor has been goings on at work which to protect my own ass I cannot discuss. Without saying to much, if I were to stop working at my present employer I know for a fact I would not be able to get a wage that would cover my cost of living here ( which by the way is mad !!!!!! ) Plus it would be a good reason to start fresh ( again )

Anyway it is just a thought that has stuck and had to be written down that's all.

Now for the other things ..........

I have invited one of my best friends Sarah to come with me to Canada. When I invited her I expected the normal response most would give of ' love to but not sure I can afford that so expensive' did I get that from Sarah ?? Hell no !!! Had to hold her back from booking the ticket then and there ha ha !! So I have to say I am dead dead happy she has agreed to come and really hope she loves it. Have asked her to come with me when I go home for the Canada Day party. Believe she has no idea what she has agreed to ha ha !!!

I am also looking at possibly moving as well. I am slowly but surely not being able to afford to live by myself. The cost of living by myself is getting on top of me now. I have mentioned it to Sarah and it is a possibility with her but not for another 6 months at least. Not sure if I can continue to live on 2 pound fucking 50 a day for 6 more months !!!!!!!

So yeah anyone want to move in with me and my cat ?
no takers???? Nothing ???
thought that might be the answer I got
oh well

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I am Back .... Still in one piece and at the same level of Insanity as Well !

Helllloooooo yes I am back !!
Apologies for nothing for almost a month. As you all should know and if you do not know you live under a rock in the desert somewhere, it has been Christmas so no chance to write really.
The Taylor /friends in tow visit went really really well. No major blood was shed and no one threatened to do serious bodily harm only moderate harm.

It was amazing to have them all here and by far one of the nicest Christmas I have had. My mum and George landed after a long delay in Calgary and a long delay getting a hire car ( Mum kicked up a fuss and managed to get up graded to a well nice gas guzzling car) Alex landed well also on the same day.

Next to arrive was my brothers girlfriend, Amanda, just after Christmas which was lovely as well. And then finally last two to arrive were Richie my brothers and have to say mine now friend. He is Venezuelan ( so cannot spell that ) Peruvian , Swiss Canadian or as we like to call him our little brown boy ( he insists he is bronze ) and then came Phil our Dutch Canadian boy who is currently training with the Dutch commandos.
So yeah whole thing was absolutely wicked had a blast ate way way way to much did not drink to much though. Think old age is kicking in and just do not drink often now. Rest of the family do however and now I am fairly sure believe I was adopted at birth ha ha

I had one bad thing happen to me twice however. On the Sunday before Christmas some bastard hit my car late at night and drove off and then to make matters worse the damned thing got hit again in the Ikea parking lot!!!! Needless to say my the second hit I sounded like I possibly had tourettes . It is so going to cost me to get it fixed so any donations would be great !! ha ha ( yes fully realize that no one is going to donate )
anyway I will have pics soon and once I get them will post for all to see
so till next time bye bye :) x