Thursday, January 26, 2006

Life and a Rant as well

You know life is a funny thing. By funny I mean the way it works out and just ' ticks over'. The way sometimes it all goes brilliantly well for you on one day and by the next you want to find either the fast bullet train to jump infront of or the tallest building to leap off to just end it all !!

Life has been a veritable thing of ups and downs for me over the last little while. You know this from previous post and other things as well I have not mentioned and won't just now but promise to a little later. I would not say I have been depressed but I would say that I have been confused by what direction I want my life to go in. And now I am slowly starting to figure it out. I have made some big changes recently and little ones and wow holy shit do those change make a difference on how you look and react to things.
I still do want to go home to Canada eventually but have decided I need to get a clear plan in my head to do this and figure it out logically ( yes all you who know me know I am not logical and anything I tend to do has not plan nor make any sense to be fair)
Also I have decided that I defiantly need to move sooner then later. Number of reasons for this. The biggest damn one being this : MY DAMN BOILER KEEPS BREAKING and if any one person leaves a comment reading ' your Canadian you should be used to it' I will hunt you down and probably stab you in the eyes and stick you in a freezer to see how I have been feeling in my ice box for the last week ( fair play probably would not stab you in the eyes just not nice that ) Seriously I got home from circuit training on Tuesday and the minute I walked in my flat my leg muscles seized up and screamed up to my brain ' WHY WHY WHY ?!?! I called the emergency man who never turned up. Even the cat was cold he tried to drag off my hot water bottle.
And then last night the exact same thing happened !!!! Came in from the gym, got hit by a ice block of cold air and promptly dropped to the ground to stop my legs from twitching to death ( was not quick enough and was hobbled for the rest of the night)
The boiler alone is enough to drive someone out but there are other things as well. I need to have some sort of daily human interaction. The cat , Cleo/leo , can only offer so much bloody entertainment, which mainly consists of me putting tape on the end of his tail and watching him run round to get it ( trust me I am not being cruel he loves it and looks for the tape roll when I am on the couch ok ! ) But also financially damn it is costing way to much to rent living by yourself !!!!

Right life changing rant over now everyone ....Sorry had to be done

Now for the daily rants: Today it is a thank you day so here we go :
Thanks to the lady in the silver golf who this morning thought it would be funny to ride up my ass as we were driving into work at 7 in the morning ... Honestly either you learn how to drive or next time we stop at a light I am going to take your keys away !! No one should be that eager to get to work in the morning !!
Thanks to the boiler man who said ' sorry Louisa I did not get your message the other night about your broken boiler' yeah right fool !!! I know you did because I got a return receipt from the text message I sent you and when I called the first time it rang second time you turned your phone off....You try freezing your ass off and then realizing it is actually warm outside then in your damn flat ... Bastard !
Thanks to the guy at Tescos's who did not mention the fact that my fly was undone even though the only reason I realized it was undone was due to the fact that you were looking at it !! ... And you expect me to continue to shop at your shitty shop ... Yeah right ( note : yes this is the second time this has happened to me at this Tescos and yes written about the first time previously)
Thanks to the builders next door for the early wake up call on Saturday ... For Christ sakes guys ever thought that some people do have social lives on Friday nights and god damn have a thumping hangover on Saturday mornings and do not need to listen to you lot banging away !!! Cheers !!!

right I am done now anger let out now feel better and the purple shade to my features is gone now.
speak to you later comment away if you wish !

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