Sunday, April 29, 2007

If Only I Had A Dog Small Enough

When in Vegas we went into one of the many designer overly priced shops and found the most amazing store !

Effectively it was designer wear for DOGS !! Seriously expensive designer doggy clothing.

If I had a small dog I would have seriously bought some of the stuff as it was way way to funny and way to cute !

I almost bought the below for Brewski ( yes family member I spelt his name right this time) I think he would have worn it well !

Note: The extra small was 30 bucks US. There was no way I was ever going to pay that for a designer doggy item of clothing !

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pictures from The Vegas Trip

So here are some pictures from my travels to Las Vegas for you all to look at

The Paris Hotel. I loved this place plus I won here as well which may help in the much loved catagory !
The Bellagio. I think this is the nicest looking hotle in Vegas. Just stunning. Plus the water shows are unreal
New York New York. Unbelievable to be honest that they managed to build this it is just so cool.
The MGM Grand. The biggest hotel in the world. We went in and oh my god it is MASSIVE !!
One of the MGM Lions. There were 2 in the habitat. I did find out that they have there own retreat out of the city that they live at. They have very set schedules as to how long they stay in the habitat in the hotel. They were huge the picture dies not do justice on how big she really was

Return From Sin City

Well I have returned in one piece from Las Vegas. I LOVED IT !! I also came back richer as well !

Right firstly the gambling. I won on Roullette. That was a smaller amount, I think it was about 150 to 200 bucks. But I won big on a random slot machine! I hit 3 doubles on a max bet spin of 3 quarters and walked away with 550 big ones. I efectively won back all the money I spent on cloths ( more to come on that by the way) and the money I spent on gambling.

So the hotel was just lovely. We were 1 block away from the strip right behind the Flamingo hotel. We upgraded to a 2 bedroom suite which was just luxury big time. We had a choice of a hot tub and BBQ area or a unheated pool area. We took the hot tub. There were 18 pools in total and some heated so it seemed the better option and it was.

The weather progressively got hotter through the week. So on our last day it was 93 degrees so about 34 degrees celcius, so needless to say I am brown brown and a bit more damn brown !

Now for the shopping ohhhhh the shopping. Mum and I went to Saks 5th Avenue outlet store. Get this we bought 4500 dollars worth of cloths hand bags and perfume for roughly 500 dollars. Seriously we did ! I got the most beautiful bronzey brown satin formal even skirt reduced from 450 dollars to 42.00. I have a brand new wardrobe from formal right down to casual. We bought so much stuff that we had to buy a new suitcase as we just did not have enough room. I bought 6 damn BRAS !! they were so cheap like 4 bucks reduced from 40 cheap. I am very happy.

Our flights down there were terrible. There is something that needs to be said first though that I believe is linked to this. I am terrified of little people, midgets and dwarfs. I feel horrible about this phobia but it is so true. I get cold sweats and panic. Anyway A midget checked us in at one point in the journey and I think he knew my fear. We missed our connection after flying from Edmonton to Calgary. So rather then flying from Calgary to Denver we went to Vanouver then the Vegas. SO it was very long.
WE thought our flights back went really smoothly considering when we got to Vegas airport at 5:30 in the morning it was hell on earht. The luggage belt broke down there were lines everywhere and I almost did not make the flight as was singled out for special security thingy. Was really odd. I had bought 4 cartons of marlboro smokes ( 1 carton being the limit) but at a price of 32 bucks each at some little shop in Vegas I had to. Well I put 1 in mine 1 in mums backpack and 2 in her suitcase. When we got to customs mum knew straight away she was going to be pulled over and Suzy had a feeling she was to. I went straight through muttering like a crazy that I was going to lose all my cheap fags. So I stood outside or what seemed like hours. Then the perfect thing happened. Mum and Suzy came strolling through, no bags in hand, and informed me their luggage was lost !! YES ! this means I will get my fags ! Side Note: The have found the luggage and I am currently sat at home waiting for them to come with them.

So all in all Vegas was great a little overwhelming. But it is one of those cities that you have to go to not taking seriously what so ever. YOu have to go there with the sole intention of having fun and enjoying yourself. If you do this then you will love it for sure. I can now see why people take yearly trips there as there is something strangely appealing about it and something that draws you to it. I will go back and will go frequently even if just for the AMAZINF SHOPPING !!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Everybody Meet Bruskie ...Super Dog !

I am pleased to introduce you to Bruskie. Bruskie is my brothers roomates dog. He is a Boston Terrier puppy and he is I believe 7 months old. You just want to eat him up!!!

For some reason it appears that he is winking at the camera. The reason he looks like he is grinning inanely like a crazed or possibly high dog is due to the fact that moments before the picture was taken he had actually managed to inhale a entire rawhide in his mouth ( it was stuck there)

His Likes:

Chewing on metal ( seriously he is currently chewing his way through a socket set )

Chewing on pens ( not sure why, but honestly does he need a reason ? I think not somehow)

Sleeping on any open air vents ( I mean come on when you got hair that short you would to!)

Naps this dog naps and feels like 1 ton weight on you when he does

His dislikes


Thursday, April 12, 2007

My New Look ....EXCITED !

Yes I have a new look !! Done for me by Suburban Mum. THE WOMEN ROCKS!!
I am, as you can likely tell, excited like a puppy who has seen his own damn shadow ! THIS ROCKS !!