Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Everybody Meet Bruskie ...Super Dog !

I am pleased to introduce you to Bruskie. Bruskie is my brothers roomates dog. He is a Boston Terrier puppy and he is I believe 7 months old. You just want to eat him up!!!

For some reason it appears that he is winking at the camera. The reason he looks like he is grinning inanely like a crazed or possibly high dog is due to the fact that moments before the picture was taken he had actually managed to inhale a entire rawhide in his mouth ( it was stuck there)

His Likes:

Chewing on metal ( seriously he is currently chewing his way through a socket set )

Chewing on pens ( not sure why, but honestly does he need a reason ? I think not somehow)

Sleeping on any open air vents ( I mean come on when you got hair that short you would to!)

Naps this dog naps and feels like 1 ton weight on you when he does

His dislikes



Anonymous said...

I believe it is spelled Brewski - after a beer! Spelling always was your strong point.

A relative.

louisa said...

Yeah yeah thanks " relative " most like mum for the spelling tip !!

Suburban Mum said...

You really do know some strange animals!

louisa said...

I know lol lol Its amazing this one is very strange but unbelievably lovable!!! you just want to eat him up!