Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pictures from The Vegas Trip

So here are some pictures from my travels to Las Vegas for you all to look at

The Paris Hotel. I loved this place plus I won here as well which may help in the much loved catagory !
The Bellagio. I think this is the nicest looking hotle in Vegas. Just stunning. Plus the water shows are unreal
New York New York. Unbelievable to be honest that they managed to build this it is just so cool.
The MGM Grand. The biggest hotel in the world. We went in and oh my god it is MASSIVE !!
One of the MGM Lions. There were 2 in the habitat. I did find out that they have there own retreat out of the city that they live at. They have very set schedules as to how long they stay in the habitat in the hotel. They were huge the picture dies not do justice on how big she really was

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