Wednesday, January 18, 2006

NEW !!! Weekly recommendations

I have recently decided to do something new on my blog. Now I accept the fact that I more then Likely have minimal readership due to lack of comments. But I do not give a fuck so there I am doing this and this is my new thing:
Each week I am going to recommend things not entirely sure what as of yet and I think it will be different things each week from books to food to things to do. Hopefully just maybe or by the faintest chance someone will find it good or useful or they will find it pants and never come back ha ha ! So here we go people :

Firstly I am currently addicted to my new Jack Johnson CD

I do realize he has been around for some time now however I only got into him recently when I heard track 11 off this album ' Breakdown' I knew I would like it straight away.

It is the perfect album for sitting back and relaxin to. Good for in the car when you have some 90 year old doing 20 miles an hour in front of you for no apparent reason other then they should not be behind the damn wheel, it relaxes you!

So fully recommend you buy it listen to it and then pass it on to a friend really good.

Books hmmmm god do I love my books I cannot sleep at night even if I have been on the drink without attempting to read something. There are so so many books I want to mention but will start with my all time favorite series. My mum introduced me to this years ago and have been hooked ever since. Reading some of the books 2 times over. It is called the outlander series and very hard to describe effectively to you but will make it brief. There are 5 books in the series increasing in size with each one. Do not kid yourself if you think you can read these in a week because you cannot ok.

Basically it goes like this: set in Scotland women goes near weird cirdle of stones and then BANG she is back in time. She goes back to I think 1600's or so right smack into the middle of the jacobite wars between the English and Scottish. Forced to marry Scot and goers from there she is a doctor which makes it more intereresting. Honestly do not judge by my description look it up. Really is gripping and keeps you sucked in from beginning until end. Promise you.

Food: Hmm how I love food and god how I love cooking it as well. Bit hard to do when you live by yourself. You tend to make mass amounts of things and then you are eating the same damned thing day in and day out just because you made the damn stuff. I do not have anything specific to recommend but I do have this to say.

BAKE !!!! Not enough people bake anymore it is a dying art form as far as I am concerned. People seem scared of it for no reason at all. So dammit people bake something this weekend !!!

exercise... Some of you may know least friends and family will, that since February last year I went on a big lose weight get fit campaign and well almost a year later here are the results: I have lost just under 5 stone ( 67 pounds for non English people ) I have gone down 4-5 dress sizes and well I have to say damn I am looking better then ever did. I go to the gym 5 - 6 times a week now and actually love it. Now my recommendation is this : circuit training !!! I just started it for the first time 2 weeks ago and had my second session last night. PAIN !!! But completely worth every ache and pain. Try it at least twice because if you just go the once you will only think of it as painful by the second time it is not nearly as bad.

So that's all it may be a bit lame but makes me feel useful for 5 minutes and well I do it for me so if you do not like it get stuffed :) Will think of more things to recommend next week. Basically it is a excuse to ramble on to my self and feel important. Just play along with me ok ?? Pretty please ?? Bye x


Deadly Female said...

Thanks for the book recommendation - it sounds right up my street and I will be looking for it on Amazon!

Well done on an inspirational weight loss too - fantastic!

louisa said...

best series of books you will ever read promise it to you. I will be doing next reccomendation soon ( been bit bsuy )

thanks for the well done on the shedding of half my body :)