Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Home and then other things as well

Recently I have thought about returning to Canada in the future more and more. Now my mother does not know this but obviously she will now ha ha ! But yeah in all seriousness it has been a thought that has not only crept into my mind but firmly implanted itself there. I am not talking about picking up and leaving in a few months but maybe in the next 2 years I may want to. I mentioned this to my sister Alex who promptly asked me ( and more then likely correctly ) ' make sure there are no debt collectors after you ?!' yeah she is right should make sure they have stopped chasing me.

You ask what has brought this on? A lot has to be honest. Obviously having all my family here over the holidays did open my eyes up to what I am missing most plus it also made me realize I lead a very solitude life otherwise. So it just made me think how much more I enjoy my mum and bro and sis now. The fact that I really really enjoy spending time with mum but knowing I will only get smacked once and a while rather then all the time for stupid behavior makes it worth it in itself !!!

The other big factor has been goings on at work which to protect my own ass I cannot discuss. Without saying to much, if I were to stop working at my present employer I know for a fact I would not be able to get a wage that would cover my cost of living here ( which by the way is mad !!!!!! ) Plus it would be a good reason to start fresh ( again )

Anyway it is just a thought that has stuck and had to be written down that's all.

Now for the other things ..........

I have invited one of my best friends Sarah to come with me to Canada. When I invited her I expected the normal response most would give of ' love to but not sure I can afford that so expensive' did I get that from Sarah ?? Hell no !!! Had to hold her back from booking the ticket then and there ha ha !! So I have to say I am dead dead happy she has agreed to come and really hope she loves it. Have asked her to come with me when I go home for the Canada Day party. Believe she has no idea what she has agreed to ha ha !!!

I am also looking at possibly moving as well. I am slowly but surely not being able to afford to live by myself. The cost of living by myself is getting on top of me now. I have mentioned it to Sarah and it is a possibility with her but not for another 6 months at least. Not sure if I can continue to live on 2 pound fucking 50 a day for 6 more months !!!!!!!

So yeah anyone want to move in with me and my cat ?
no takers???? Nothing ???
thought that might be the answer I got
oh well


Alexandra said...

Um, just a point of observation - if you go home I'm still here!!!

louisa said...

yeah but it is only you really not all that important . distance between us does us good you know it and i know it ha ha ha love ya really i do !!!

Deadly Female said...

Just out of interest, how long have you been in the UK now?

louisa said...

lived here for 4 years now althoguh feels like a century to be fair