Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I am Back .... Still in one piece and at the same level of Insanity as Well !

Helllloooooo yes I am back !!
Apologies for nothing for almost a month. As you all should know and if you do not know you live under a rock in the desert somewhere, it has been Christmas so no chance to write really.
The Taylor /friends in tow visit went really really well. No major blood was shed and no one threatened to do serious bodily harm only moderate harm.

It was amazing to have them all here and by far one of the nicest Christmas I have had. My mum and George landed after a long delay in Calgary and a long delay getting a hire car ( Mum kicked up a fuss and managed to get up graded to a well nice gas guzzling car) Alex landed well also on the same day.

Next to arrive was my brothers girlfriend, Amanda, just after Christmas which was lovely as well. And then finally last two to arrive were Richie my brothers and have to say mine now friend. He is Venezuelan ( so cannot spell that ) Peruvian , Swiss Canadian or as we like to call him our little brown boy ( he insists he is bronze ) and then came Phil our Dutch Canadian boy who is currently training with the Dutch commandos.
So yeah whole thing was absolutely wicked had a blast ate way way way to much did not drink to much though. Think old age is kicking in and just do not drink often now. Rest of the family do however and now I am fairly sure believe I was adopted at birth ha ha

I had one bad thing happen to me twice however. On the Sunday before Christmas some bastard hit my car late at night and drove off and then to make matters worse the damned thing got hit again in the Ikea parking lot!!!! Needless to say my the second hit I sounded like I possibly had tourettes . It is so going to cost me to get it fixed so any donations would be great !! ha ha ( yes fully realize that no one is going to donate )
anyway I will have pics soon and once I get them will post for all to see
so till next time bye bye :) x

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