Monday, October 10, 2005

The weekend and then random stuff

Hello All
Yep it is Monday, Yes I so wish it was Friday better yet I wish it was actually Saturday but because I cannot alter time with my supper powers it is still Monday !!
I had a weekend down in London and had a great time. Went to a Australian Rules Football match and god I loved it. I have also realized that I love violence in sport as well! My god they play rough and I have to say I so cheered them on like a mad women. There was a number of full on brawls on of which was right infront of us. You knew you were in a stadium that had 17000 people in it and half were Aussies if not more and all you here is punch him you mongrel bastard!! Pure bloody class loved every minute of it ! So yes that is what I did this weekend and loved it.

It is thanksgiving weekend in Canada this past weekend. I fully admit that I got a little homesick for it all if I am honest. I miss that smell of my mum's holiday cooking. Turkey and roast potatoes and she also said she was making her legendary leek potato and bacon pie. When she mentioned this on the phone I then became even more homesick and a little tear may possibly have appeared in my eye at the thought of it all. I think I also though miss the company more then the food. All the regulars who come round for these occasions always around 2 - 3 pm all baring booze and sweets as gifts. Uncle Murray normally brings the best stuff in the booze area, normally champagne and aunty Sandy normally brings the yummy desserts. So yes I did get homesick for it all.

Recently I have thought more and more what it would be like if I did move back home. Things like would I regret leaving here? Would I get a decent job? Would I find a nice place to live? Would I even like it ? I have got as far as asking myself the questions and then never actually thinking of the answers. I am fairly sure that I only think of this when I speak to my Mum or brother and it only is a fleeting or passing thought. I still enjoy living here and have a great life and friends so no point right now is there ?

I was watching the news this morning and was completely and utterly shocked and disgusted when a report came on about a man brutalized by the New Orleans police department. This just concretes my line of thought that the vast majority of not only the public but the people in positions of powers are no more intelligent then a chicken. The fact that a human being can do that to another is one thing but the fact that a human being which is a police officer who knows he is on camera and continues to do it is a completely different thing!! The sheer stupidity and inbredness of some of the American population is proven in this video clip. The narrow minded people that get into positions like police officers and politicians is also proven in this video clip. But what gets my goat the most is the fact that at the end of the day America is a democracy and they voted this administration and this government in and so they have only themselves to blame. By voting these people in again these problems seem to get worse and more and more swept under the rug. No doubt in 48 hours time that mans beating for being drunk and ok possibly abusive will no longer be a issue there will be a new issue for people to latch on to for another few days.

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Amanda said...

I must say Your mothers thanksgiving dinner does top my list. I think I ate your portion for sure!!! Yum, yum. As for the booze, I felt it Monday mourning. We all missed you and it wasn’t quiet the same experience I had last time I was at your mothers house. (no one was trying to take my clothes off, I’m talking about you lou!! ) ha ha That night was so fun!!!. Will have so much fun at new years and if you still wanna see a show do what George does and give me a tall glass of gin. Oh I hope your mother doesn’t read that. T/t/u soon. Love Amanda