Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Beds, They are great you know

I love my bed !! In fact I sometimes believe that I possibly lust after my bed. I know this may sound odd or possibly strange but it is true!! I get into work and all I can think about is my bed, I get in the car and all I can think about is how nice it would be to be in my bed. For gods sakes I sit on the couch and think damn I want to be in my bed ( at 5 in the afternoon !! )

So I started to think am I the only one like this and realized that I am not alone that others are like me. That others have their beds on their brains for at least half the day if not more. You think about it a bed is a lust and life long commitment all in one. I mean we dress it in pretty cloths and some people insist on adorning it with those stupid fluffy animals as though they think it makes it look sweet ( it does not can I say it makes it look like a psycho sleeps there men see this and run remember this girls THEY RUN AT THE SIGHT OF STUFFED ANIMALS ON BEDS !!!! ) We spend made amounts of money on our beds like we would with someone we love and cherish. So yes I also and inclined to believe some treat a bed as one of the family.

I have also come to understand that my cat ( cleo ) is in love or lusting after the bed as well. I know for a fact tha the sleeps on that bed all day and does not move what so ever. I know this due to the cemented in cat sized dent on the duvet and the extrodinarly warm patch he has been slumbering on for the last 8 hours non stop. It is funny when I get home he reminds me of myself when I was a kid. When we cam home from school we wre meant to do our chores then our homework and then look after the animals but instead we vegged in front of the TV! Like any normal kid of course! Anyway we would hear that front door open or that car pull into the drive and we would do the mad dash to hide the fact that in fact we were not following the rules and we were being bad kids ! Well the cat does this mad dash from the door as if to say 'nope I was not on the bed all day in fact I was bouncing about killing all bugs in sight mum' but sometimes he is in such a deep sleep on his bed that he only manages to lift his head of said duvet look at me as if to say ' come on I am a cat what the hell do you bloody expect of me ?!?!?!'
So yes the cat also I believe has bed lust as well.

There is nothing better then crawling into bed in the middle of winter with a hot water bottle a good book and clean sheets. I have to say that I would almost call it a hobby. I prepare myself for these nights like you would stretch for the gym. I have a meal that is what you would call a comfort meal like soup or roast chicken. Then I have a bath with my book ( yeah ok and a fag as well ! ) make a cup of tea get in fresh jammies and presto I am ready for the big event!! Getting into my bed hmmmmm
So yes as stated beds are great ! As stated yes I love and lust my bed !
hmmmm bed .............


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Anonymous said...

Shawn Gibson sounds a little bit unhinged if he likes your blog. I told you to watch out for wierdos.


louisa said...

iti s junk mail on a blog mum !!! ha ha just not got the chance to delete it yet, but do nopt worry will watch out for any weirdos promise :) ha ha

Anonymous said...

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