Friday, October 14, 2005


Thank you to the man at the Tescos at 6 am for telling me I had toilet paper on my shoe!!!!
Thank you to the women at asda petrol station at 6:3- this mornign for telling me I had actually put my shirt on inside out !!! Thanks for that you evil cow!!
thanks to the work colleague for informing me this morning that my fly was undone and I was flashing my orange and white tropical palm printed le senza underwear at him ( I so know he saw it !!! ) bastard !!
thanks to my landlord for telling me that the shit he destroyed in my bedroom by his own sheer stupidity by flooding the flat above me !!! And then telling me he can only offer me 200 pound of insurance money as he needs to 'cover his cost as well' thanks you fucker !! Don't worry I will cover my costs by not paying my rent see how ya like that !!!
Thanks to the inbred illierate bastard at asda behind the till who refuses to admit the charged me double for everything and then grunts at me that I need to go to the customer service desk to get it sorted even though he believes there is nothing wrong with what he did ?!?! yep that is why you work at asda you muppet !!!

as you may be able to tell I am in a slightly and somewhat aggressive mood today and well I am letting it out!! Plus it is Friday and my theory is that the world rights itself every Friday and goes tits up every Monday! So it seems appropriate to let it all out to vent it before the weekend starts.
so yes thank you to all the assholes out there who brighten my life on a daily bastard basis and enriching it with your intelligent wit and humor !!! Yeah right !


Alexandra said...

The irony of the fact that you spelt illiterate incorrectly is almost too much to handle.

louisa said...

yeah yeah i realised that after the fact and then when i spell checked it in the wonderful world of eblog it did not have a correct spelling so yeah basically i thought fuck it !! I will do irony in my blog entry for the day ! i did know i spelt it wrong just to make that clear was fully aware

Anonymous said...

Hi Lou,

\I just finished reading this entry and Alex,s comment and was killing myself laughing when Susan came into my office and asked if I had been anywhere important this morning. Why? I asked. Because your shirt is on inside out. It must be genetic. I hope that your landlord is not reading this blog.