Friday, October 21, 2005

I am far to Envious of others it is not Healthy !!

I have recently come to the conclusion that I have a major fault ( yes yes one of many whatever ! ) I am a far to envious person. I do not just envy the good looking people and the lucky but I envy things like nice houses nice cars in fact nice damned lives !!

This envy initially started when I lived by myself for the first time in the UK 2 years ago now. Before that I shared in various houses and a few really nice houses at that ! Anyway I moved into this flat in Whalley Range where I was likely the only white girl due to the fact that it was smack dab in the middle of the Afro Caribbean area. Plus you could not miss me for my sticker onto he back of my bright green Clio which read ' Canadian girls kick ass!' and yes the sticker is still there. Strangely no one has ever challenged me as of yet but I do get sheer amusement as I watch the builders in their white vans in the morning reading the sticker through my rear view mirror !! Right sorry digressing a little back to the envy. Anyway was well chuffed with myself and my first ' by myself flat' reminded me of Bridget Jones but not so sad. I was in new home bliss for exactly 24 hours and that was it. I then realized when they said unfurnished they bloody well meant it. There was nothing in this place seriously no cooker no washer no curtain into he shower for gods sakes there were no plugs nor a fridge ( had to put my pint bottle of milk on the first day in a sink of cold water !!! ) I slowly began to envy every person I saw even ones I did not know. I was thinking things like ' yeah smile away you air head just because you have a fridge makes you no better then my you bimbo !!'
What made this worse was the fact that I had just left my job as well so I was skint I mean so so poor so it took me ages to get myself sorted and even then it was not great. I had a stella beer fridge for a fridge and I never actaulyl got a cooker whilst I lived there you know ! I found amazing things to do with the free microwave that was given to me. So yes I was a envious cow all the time constantly and never endingly!
I eventually moved out of this shit hole and around the corner to a rung up the ladder of shit holes and I was in heaven it had everything even a bloody couchand plugs !!!!! I have been enchanted for some unknown reason by my little flat for the last year but horribly the envy is creeping back and the enchantment is wearing off rapidly. It has bad windows and horrible green carpet with a matching sofa. The walls have damp and the floor is uneven. I am making the envy worse lately by looking what is being advertised to rent out there right now and god dammit life sucks cause those lovely flats round the corner from me are just the same inside damned lovely !!!! But they are also 450 pounds a month over 100 pounds more then what I currently pay. It is not fair at all!!
So now I look at my flat and think can I make this look better more modern and have come to the conclusion it is not humanly possibly to!!!

other things I am envious of : people with amazing groups of friends
people with cars that never seem to get dirty
people with well behaved pets who everyone coos and ooos over not like my bastard cat who everyone calls unbalanced.
People who always have perfect hair !!!! How is that possible ?!?!
people who say things like ' never had a single problem with my teeth ' I think you will in a minute if you keep rubbing it !
People who have lovely smelling houses always . I try this but for some reason it never has that smell of perfection ever and the more I try the more I get high off the amount of air fresheners I use at once ( note : do not mix and pine smells with berry smells so does not work at all )
People that manage to get others to turn heads when they walk down the street . I believe that they are actually robots sending out subliminal messages to stare !
People with narrow feet ! You lucky bastards !!! I so cannot wear all those lovely strappy shoes due to my duck like feet !!!
People who own their own house in the UK that are my age . Considering the average house now costs £150,000 how the hell are you doing this are you pimping yourself out to pay the mortgage!!!!

So yes everyone I am envious of just about everything I guess and you know what ??Soso what I can if I want to dammit !!


Vero said...

No doubt other people are envious of you for things you take for granted!

I'm envious because you can have a cat! In my current house, I can't really have a cat and I doubt we'll be moving up the house ladder for a while, so no kitties to curl up with!

You're probably luckier than you think :)

From another Canadian in the UK (found you via Lisa at wittydomainname)

louisa said...

hi vero apologies for delayed response I am now currently envious of all people who do not have the horrible cold i presently have! ha yes I do know i may take my lovely but strange cat fro granted but i am alos envious of all those with dogs !!! god i want a dog !!
but yeah i probably am a hell of a lot luckier then one would think