Monday, August 08, 2005

well another week ........

as you can tell i am so overly excited for another week of work not really. plus it is my turn to do lates as well this week which truly sucks. now it is not so bad from monday to thursday as my mad french friend and work mate, angeline, otherwise known as frenchy, always stays till some ungodly hour and so you are not alone. but fridays are a whole different ball game. while everyone else knocks off at 3:15 you are stuck in hell by yourself until 5 !!! it is horendous !

weekend was so so nothing special really. oh yeah i watched cricket. have come to the conclusion to eb a dutiful girlfriend ( me dutiful !! ha ) i would get into this mundane sport. well hate to admitt it but kinda liek it when it is interesting which is not that often may i add ! oh yeah and i drank a bottle of wine all by myself on saturday without realising i had done so. the scary thing is i did not feel all that drunk and evern odder was the fact that i had no hang over what so ever ?????? something not right there.
oh yeah quickly while i remeber i have changed my setting so anyone can comment n my blog as per my sisters last comments. took me 20 minutes to figure out hoe to but i did it. anyway back to my weekend.
i got very very very annoyed yesterday. i went to go do my washing and someone else was already using the machine we all share in the bulding. so i put my cloths beside the machine for when they finished. when i went back down to do this someone had jumped the queue and put theirs in instead of mine !!!! how bloody rude and pig ignorant !! was so not happy so i am currently wearing a slightly damp skirt which has enraged me further to whom ever did this in my building ! not happy at all !
other then that it was very uneventful. i have come to the conclusion that i do on some occasions live the life of a 80 year old!!

now on to my boyfriend hmmmm he needs to learn to cook or least that is what i have informed him of yesterday over text. see my matt lives the life of riley he has a lovely mum who cooks and does just about anything for him including bringing him cups of tea when he is in his room !!! my god if i could only train my cat to do that for me ! ha anyway i have informed him rather seriously that he had better not expect me to be cooking for him all the time because i refuse to! as you may know some of you who have known my family and myself all my life i was not rasied this way. my dad and mum split things 50/50 he cooked and she cooked he ironed she ironed and so on and so on and that is how i expect things to be. i am not bulit nor bred to be a housewife and yes it irritated the shit out of me in case you are wondering ha ha
so there is my rant for the day ( sorry matt had to have a rant ! he he )

otherwise all is good and right int he world for me well reasonably other then the fact that i have absolutely no money to my name now i have dwindled the 22.58 i had to about 5 pounds. have not spent it on fags and booze but rather on food ha ha
right that is it for me for the time being may add later when i go on another rant or something comes up that i must write about urgently


Alexandra said...

Two comments:
1. The bottle of wine thing is genetic. In fact, it's a regular occurance for me. I just did it last night. We come by it naturally.
2. Dad ironed my fricking ass!!! seriously man, don't gloss over the childhood - ironing was possibly one of the few things dad didn't do. Not unless it was his own shirt and he was in a hurry. Mum did all of the ironing. Don't you remember Saturday mornings with mum in the ironing room/play room?

louisa said...

1 i like to trhink that i may possibly be part of a different genetic gene pool or at least i pray i might be. but now that you mention the above strating to have little hope that i am.
2. he did iron i remeber that much he did do it. fair enough not as much as mum. god yeah remeber that she used to have cbc radio on and spend hours in that room think that is where i have got my ironing issues from. this uncontrolable urge to iron everythign i can get my hands on !