Thursday, August 11, 2005

Addicted and sick

apologies to all for my silence for the last few days been very busy and then got gross and sick so was off work as well. Which I have to say was almost lovely the fact that went back to bed at 11 and slept till 4 was great !!! Ha
right now onto the first bit of my blog. LOST. What a damned good bloody show !!!! Absolutely hooked completely from word one ! Now I realize you lot on the other side of the pond have had this show for sometime already, you have to realize where use here into he UK are leaps and bounds ahead of you in the fashion and technology world we are centuries behind you in the good telly world !
I have not enjoyed a TV show like that in ages. Was biting the pillow wondering what was in the jungle and loved every single minute of it. So this is now my new obsession ( no it does not replace the bag obsession that is a different league ! )
and how fit is Matthew Fox hmmmmmm........ Very as you can see !!!!!!

on other irrelevant news in the life of Louisa. I now have a newly tiled hallway in the front of my building this is a big deal as it now no longer looks like a crack house ! Ha also received a new radiator in my bedroom. Plus for some odd reason they have painted the stairs down to the cellar and where the washing machine is. Why is all I can ask why oh why ???????

matt is coming up for the weekend. I have attempted to clean my flat in my ill state but believe I have made a piss poor effort of it and well he will just have to live with it as is. Do not worry it is not as bad as it was. Things are clean just slightly untidy in places. You have to bear in mind I had no ceiling what 2 weeks ago ! So there is still upheaval in the flat.

as stated previously he has agreed to rearrange my living room for me so fingers crossed he will no run in fear !! Once I figure out how to email from my phone will add some pics of before and afters for you all to have a look at and of course I am sure give you opinions !

was speaking to a friend of mien the other night who is very like minded to myself. She likes to plan ahead. Now I mean way way ahead and I am the same I am currently planning for Christmas. By this I mean presents gifts food the works. Where I will be time schedules all of it. Everyone finds this all very odd but I have come to the realization this keeps me sane to plan plan and plan. Anyway she has asked me what I wish for my birthday and you know what this is one of the very few years where I was stumped no idea have no clue. Think old age is effecting me and I have lost the will to celebrate birhdays I mean 27 is very very old when you think about it ! 3 years off 30 oh sweet lord. But I have had inspiration from heather ( I want these !!!!! ( sorry heather but I want them they are so so so so nice !! )

lovely aren't they hmm more shoes !!!

right think that is enough babbling for one day realize that this blog was a never ending babble before you say anything but you all know I am the best babbler in the world !!



Anonymous said...

Hey Louisa!

I linked to your blog off Alex's and almost pissed myself laughing. You're hilarious. Keep post - I check very regularly.


PS - glad to hear your building no longer resembles a crack house. :)

heather said...

i second the non-crackhouse-looking building.

arent those shoes AMAZING. seriously. i need them. in all the colors.

louisa said...

the shoes are amazing. i am along the line of thought that if i hint towards my ever lovely boyfriend he may get them ( not likely as he beleives the 80 or so pairs of shoes i already own are over the top !! )

yep not a crack house althoguh this morning one of the hookers was finishing her transaction outside my house then said good morning to me and waved. i thought it only polite to wave back and wish her and good day in business only fair really . will elaborate further on todays blog all

Alexandra said...

You and Heather have strange taste in shoes.... that's all I'm saying :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Louisa,

You are right, your spelling is atrocious and your taste in shoes suspect. Next time you put my picture in your "stream of consciousness" diary, pick a decent one! Please don't start drinking in the morning - it is bad for your liver and is empty calories. Has your sister forgiven you for that dreadful picture.


Anonymous said...

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