Friday, August 12, 2005

a weekend full of cricket and living room arranging oh the excitment no really i am excited honestly swear to god above !!!!!

hmmm it is friday again. as you well know love my fridays like no bodies business ! althoguh this friday is nto as good as other fridays as on lates and here till 5 whihc truly sucks but oh well. and i just realised forgot to leave a not for my landlord begging to use his vacumn! dammit !! bugger ! hopefully he is still there when i get home. otherwise will be on my hands and knees ( no it is not the normal postion !! ) with a roll of tape trying to sticky up all the obvious bits before matt's immenet arrival ha !
right as i was saying in my comments on yesterdays entry i would eloborate on my fine relationship with local hookers. as i wrote i was going out to work this morning and the local hooker ( one of many many girls and not possibly not girls ) waved good morning to me this morning i waved back of course as my mother raised me with manners.
now this is normal every morning they are out there and let me tell you for 7 in the morning the do a busy trade ! seriously never beleived it till i saw it but damn those girls must make some decent money ! i always had this image of beat up old crs with filthy lookin men picking thses girls up . no way are my local hookers having that happen. nope they have jags mercs and bmws collecting them from their corner. the other day it was a bentley and as i drove by i disgusted myself in thinking to myself damn he is fit ! then i felt ill at the thought. so yeah this is the area i live in. my sister has the local stripper and her pimp and well i have the whole meal deal on my door step.
i have a stupid cat seriously beleive he is brain damaged loveable but thick as shit really. see cleo/leo ( thought he was a girl turns out was a boy tried to call him bob did not work hence double name , gender confused i call him) has a thing about attacking. i beleive it is because he does nto actually realise he is a cat a domestic cat. he has never been outside and never seen another cat. so the only cat he has seen are lions on bbc wildlife shows, he seriously watches these shows when i have them on! so when he attacks he goes at it as if he is a lion it is strange. well last night he decided the bin was his new victim. i bought a new bin with a swinging lid which cleo/leo has taken instant dislike towards. after much yelling from the couch for him to stop making ridicilious amounts of noise i got up and went into the kitchen. proceeded to find the cat stuck in the bin with his head trapped in the swinging lid. toldyou stupid terminally completely utterly braindead. do love him to bits though
now as stated above matt is here this weekend and it is the cricket between the aussies and english plus it is in manchester as well. also i am having him help me rearrange my living room. i have actually drawn a multiple of plans on how i could possible have my new living room look. i then realised after drawing these that i have several screws loose !
anyway i have done my own survey to find out if it is acceptable to begin drinking at 10:30 in the morning. the general feeling is yes this ok. see i have a plan. whilst he watches cricket and moves furniture like a dutiful boyfriend i will slowly get drunk pass out by hmmm 12 ish and by the time i awake from my drunken slumber it will all be over! great plan isn't it ha ha !
the only person who will understand this will be heather being aussie and knowing how utterly boring it is and that alchol is truly needed for this ordeal
will let you knwo how it works out. a\s said before once figure out how to work my overly complicated and stupidly expensive phone will get pics download for you to have a nosey about
have a great weekend all ( and i better come back on monday to lots of commen ts to brighten my dull monday morning !! )


Anonymous said...

blimey, you've got a lot going on in your life.

have a great weekend and come on England in the cricket!!!!

oh yeah, spell check as well.

laters taters, Phil.

Alexandra said...

No shit. Whoever you are Phil, you got to the spell check comment before I did.
Fuck Lou - I know you can't spell worth crap, but those typos are unbelieveable.
Hope cricket was ok. Actually, hope the plans of drunken stooper went better. I'm doing much the same in Guelph with Angie and Leo