Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The weekend - well not so bad and did not get drunk ....Shame

Sorry for no entry yesterday. I was forced into lotus notes training at work! Yes i know why why why ????!!!!! This is what I screamed for ages. I mean why would you go onto a system that will not let you archive will not let you hold more then 50 mb ( my outlook is currently at 600 mb so you can see why I am distressed !! ) it is crap bollocks total and utter shit ! So no I was not happy yesterday. I actually read my book through most of it. Felt like I was a kid again as I wedged my book ( trashy novel by the way of course it is me we are talking about here ! ) in my binder so no one else could see it. By the end I was so bored lost all reason to care and live I no longer disguised my page turning with a discreet cough just did not care ! Was so traumatized by the whole thing I booked out of work early and did my monthly shop at the hell known as asda. asda is ok but my asda is where all the dole single mothers and crack whores go shopping. The one where you so know that there is a camera following your every move and a swat team moves in when you remove a item from the shelf worth more the £3.50 !Soo yeah that was yesterday.Ohh yes went to the gym watched telly decided it was all to much for me and went to bed at 9 !!!Howw sad !!
right weekend. Yep Matt was up my way this weekend he came intohorrendouss down pours of rain and aManchesterr untied game and of course no cricket as the posh people would never play in a bit of rain !Soo yes it was a lovely weekend quiet and relaxing which was needed.Wee did get the most amazing takeawayfrontt eh local curry house and it happened to be the first takeawayIi have had in ages since my healthy eating and lose half your body weight crusade began that and the bottle of wineIi drank.Disturbingg as did not feel drunk at all hmm not good.Anywayy after themonstrouss curry and tellyIi informed mattIi was going to read my book in bed as wellIi just felt like it.Hee was content watching match of the day onBBCc 1 so left him in a happy football daze.Welll gollyIi fell asleep spark out.Poorr matt comes to bed trying desperately to find the light switch and statrts fumbling about muttering to himself.Ii wake up inabsolutee panic freak out scream blue murder all the while matt is yelling back to me it is me !!!!!Itt is only me !!!!!Poorr bastard ha haIi pass out.Hee gets in gets comfortableIi am in the land of fairies and other good things and he starts asking where is the cat where is he ?????Thiss mayIi inform you is a 36 year old manterrifiedd of a gender confused catIi mean shit terrified.WelllIi had to come out of the land of fairies and remove the cat and lock him up it has to be said cleo/leo was nothappy with me.

Sundayy was a day of cricketIi just slept seriously ate breakfast matt went got the papers ( yep yet more trash for me nothing but the best News of the World hmmmm love it so crap yet sosoo so good ) read paper passed out and that was it that was the sum total of my weekend

my little sister will be on my side of the pound in 2 weeks !!!YessIi have preparedIi have made sureIi have food supplies and water for her eventual world take overIi have ensuredIi have means in defending myself and a shit load of booze and fags so all will be ok.Anywayy yeahactuallyy can't wait for her to come.Itt has to be saidAlexx andIi tolerate one another at the best of times threaten mass bloody murder to one another most times.Nott thatIi donoto love her she is just a bitch and a damned good one at that !Pluss she is just to damned smart for me.SeeeIi was the one who well did not care the social butterflyAlexx well she was girl genius.Butt as was saying can't wait andIi am very proud of her as well.Afterr my recent trip homeIirealizedd thatIi actually liked my little sister and as much as she winds me up and pisses me off she is damned cool funny and well she would stick up for anyone if she had to till the end really.
anyway have alook at her blog as she has added some of her picsfrontt ephotot booth and it has to be said she looks like a mass murder ready to kill andmayhemm anyone in her path here is a taster

wow she would make anyone shit them selves with that death stare !! !

anyway gotta go



Alexandra said...

you bitch! You just had to take the angry pissed off one, didn't you?? My buddy Mike calls it the rockstar picture because he thinks I look like an indie rockstar. I think he's just trying to be nice.
Don't I look kinda like mum when she was younger in those pictures though?
Sounds like you had a funny weekend :) 16 More days until I leave!!!
Oh and Lou, please please please run it through the spell check. It's actually hard to read....
Love ya.

louisa said...

you do freakishly look like mum plus your neck loosk very very thin are you just rubbing the majic pills on your neck ?????? very very odd i want your neck which may be even odder !
was a ok weekend more relaxing then anything really.
i did do the spell check promise made damned sure i did is it still hard to read ???????

Alexandra said...

If you did it then you're just going to have to pay much more attention to it when you write. 3 and 4 words are all strung together, you put three "y"s on the end of anyway (anywayyy). Seriously. Go back and read it!!
You want my neck? wow. you are strange. It's only because I have a short hair cut and I'm wearing a V-neck. Total optical illusion.

Anonymous said...

I think I want your neck! But, more immediately, I want some of those magic pills - I'd like to rub them on my ass.

louisa said...

hmm right will have another look and attempt to slow down on my typing just get over excited and then it all goes pear shapped on me ! ha
yep want the neck impressed with the neck. yes v neck but strangely not that much clevage showing slightly dispointed in you not using the rack to its full potential sis !

louisa said...

alexis is that you lusting after the majic pills ?? well either way yep the puills work ont he ass. mine no longer follows after me 5 minutes later in a room it is now down to a minute the ass is shrinking !!! praise the lord !!

Alexandra said...

Pepin, you're fricking hilarious!