Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Another entry for the day ---- my workplace , the drunks safe haven

Yes I am bloggina second time today but by god it ahs had to be done. My work colleagues are raving boozers and I love it god dammit !!!!! Right will break it down for you :
number 1 booze hound:

she loves her red wine and although she swears not to drink during the week it never works. She is loosing weight for her big day ( like she bloody needs to the toothpick ) and so booze was evil and was to be cut out. Never ever works ! You know when our girl has had a night as she literally vibrates across the floor when coming in at 8 am due to the shakes pure class !

number 2 booze hound:
the seasoned pro as I like to know her. This girl can get it down and again loves her red wine but also her beer. My god she can easily drink a bottle then completely deny it without realizing she has actually done it. Has to be said that she almost never looks as though she is suffering the next morning which winds me up cause I so wish I could be like that !

number 3 booze hound:
she is little foreign and when she drinks she has no limits what so ever she fails to forget she can not drink the same amoutn of booze as a 5 foot 11 person as she is 4 foot nothing. She though does seem to be the good one in the office and behaves herself on weekdays which is admirable

me booze hound in the making:
my sister will be proud of me as I now regularly drink during the weekdays in fact the whole family will be proud. They always thought it odd that I did not drink as much as them. I blame this disregard for the school night rule on both booze hound number 1 and booze hound number 2 they are a bad bad evil influence upon myself

so there you god the booze hounds of my work . We are actually very efficient people in case you are worried !!!


Anonymous said...

You bloody cheeky monkey - seasoned boozehound indeed!!!! Well I suppose it is marginally better than veteran or raging alcoholic (which would probably be nearer to the truth). Yes my capacity for boozing during the week is steadily on the increase (again) it really is not big or clever to be able to consume 2 bottles of red (to myself) and not feel any after effects in the morning. Hmmmm maybe I should cut down, but then again bugger that, I NEED a drink after a day in work!!!!!

Atkins Guy said...

From what I can see, not many blogs talk about stuff like high tea low carb recipes and that is sad. I think your blog is great that way.

keep it up.