Tuesday, July 26, 2005

the joys of renting flats!

I returned from my much anticipated trip back to Canada after a 2 year absence on the 15th of July. The first week back in the UK was mildly uneventful except for the never ending police helicopters that seem to be flying around now and a load of building works in my flat. And then it happened ..... life became very complicated and not easy at all.
firstly this past friday my car decided enough was enough i had been a bad car mum left it by itself for 3 weeks and it was throwing a strop. would not start. dead ! i had to get the big burly gym lads ( it died in front of the gym ) to come and push start me mildly embaressing but it worked i made it safely home!
i had decided Saturday was going to be uneventful. now for all of you non brits or women in britian the game cricket is possibly the most confusing and boring sport known to man i for some reason decided that Saturday was the day to try and understand it big mistake ! whilst going square eyed and feeling as though someone had stuck a egg beater in my skull i heard the sound of running water. it took me 5 minutes to realise that this in fact was coming from my bedroom ( before you ask no i do not have a water feature in my room ! ) turns out the radiator in the empty flat above me had burst and proceeded to recreate niagra falls in my bedroom. well the ceiling decided it had had enough and well it caved in !
so yes my trip to my lovely home land of Canada is long forgotten. i am now focused on finding the best possible way to sleep on my couch whilst sharing it with a rather put out cat and not being sucked into the black void of the crack of the couch.
they tell me it will take them 2 weeks to sort my room out but again i have little faith and have resigned to my bad luck !
the car goes to the car doctor tomorrow so fingers crossed it is not all doom and bloody gloom !!!


Alexandra said...

Hi loulou - HA HA .- that's what I say. Gotta love having an annoying little sister laughing at you.

louisa said...

cheers sis love you loads to just remeber when you are in brussels and your ceiling randomly caves in ( oh yes i will be praying for it to happen to you my dear !) no point in calling cause your big sis will so laugh at you ha ha ha