Thursday, December 14, 2006

Having A Tough Time Listening to the Radio here

So I know one of the things that I am missing most in the UK is the BBC and the Radio over there.
I have been listening to CBC (like the Canadian version of BBC but crap) and a month into being here I wish to throw the damn thing through the nearest winder, take a hammer to it or even let a pack of rabid dogs tear it to little bits.
There is this ingrained ability to make everything into a left wing bleeding heart issue. There is no such thing in the CBC as an unbiased factual based report. There is this constant need or craving on their part to be sooo politically correct
EXAMPLE: Sex trade workers! These are what you would call PROSTITUTES!
Call them what they are stop thinking you will offend the poor delicate senses of Canadians across the country. They do actually know that they are prostitutes guys.
Every second day there is yet another report on how the first nations are suffering and how destitute and down in the dumps they are. Rather then making this yet another lefty issue why not just report the facts. Report that massive amounts of money are given to them; report that those massive amounts of money and help and aid are pissed away. Stop making it a bleeding heart issue.
They other thing that is driving me to distraction is the grammar. These people are broadcasters are they not? If so why is it they cannot seriously CANNOT string a sentence together without making a big pigs ear of it?!
EXAMPLE: I seen a plow truck clearing the streets today.
Basic grammer people the sentence should be said as follows: I saw a plow truck clearing the streets today.
I am fairly sure this is taught in early elementry school.
So my beefs are as follows:
Left wing bleeding heart reporting
Non factual biased reporting
Bad god damn Grammer !! ( Yeah yeah do not through stones at glass houses and all that I know )

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