Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Breakdown : The Bubble Burst Big Time

Yesterday I finally lost it completely.

For the last few weeks I have been whirling around like a fool being ' organized' for those of you who know me and even those who do not but can tell purely from my writings, organized and Louisa = pure disaster.
I have attempted to make sure that this move home goes as smoothly as possible. I have a little book with schedules in it as to when I am supposed to action what and where.

One of the biggest concerns , other then shipping my excess clothing home ( which I have ups'd on the company !! ha take that you bastards ! ) has been the cat. No I am not the crazy cat lady however the cat is very important.
I was very proud of myself getting this all sorted with Air Canada then all the paper work and the vets etc. Well yesterday it all unraveled like a cheaply made jumper!!
My mum is taking the boy with her on the 29th on her return after visiting Sister and myself. Her flight from Manchester to Heathrow is actually a BMI flight and not Air Canada. Because of this we found out have to book cleo on with BMI separately. Well..... After 4 calls to the Indian call center consisting of me finally screaming give me someone in the bloody UK NOW !! Seriously I did scream it all went tits up. They refused to help me.

I lost it completely and utterly lost it. Started balling like a 5 year old fat kid who just had his candy stolen from him. Blubbing like a baby in the front room. It just became slightly to much and pushed into the giant canyon of moving countries. Mum called said are you crying said yep but I am fine. She said no worries just let me sort it out so I did as mums always can sort shit out ....And seems as though she did.

Turns out probably going to send my boy with BMI cargo as manifested cargo and that then means he will arrive 2 or 3 days before me and all will be fine. She called the Manifest team in Newfoundland Canada who were so helpful. They told her not to worry there are dedicated animal teams. He is never alone always warm and they really look after him. So I am calling them today to get this all sorted.
Things back on track had my tantrum let it all out and feeling better.

Now I just want to get BLOODY HOME !!!!!!!


art said...

I was wondering how you would get the cat home with you. Sometimes we all need to just let it go. hugs

louisa said...

yeah well the second plan appears to have gone tits up too now ! lol tempted to smuggle the damn cat in under jumper ... fairly sure will get caught thought lol

But yeah your right do need to just let it go sometimes
thanxs art :-)

art said...

there's got to be a way to get your cat there,(I have no idea but I'm sure there must be).

louisa said...

yeah there are ways just need to find the cheapest !! lol lol
I am sure it will all work out eventually ha !

art said...

Hey sorry I made your head hurt. lol