Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy Canadian thanksgiving !

Yep it is Thanksgiving back home today.
I have to say after 5 years of being over here I have not really done anything on Thanksgiving. Unlike my sister, Alex, I am not surrounded by fellow Canadians. Where as she is due to working for NATO in Brussels. So at this moment she is cooking a 8 pound Turkey ( you think that's big she was going to buy a 14 pounder but when it would not fit in her oven and the fact that was going to cost her like 200 quid she decided rather correctly on the smaller bird)

So this year because it is my last Thanksgiving in the UK I decided to cook myself something nice as well. I am not a fan of Turkey plus could not find any in the shops so have gone for lamb. Plus I have roast Potatoes , Brussel Sprouts ( hmmm love them ) and glazed carrots.
Currently the cat has parked himself in front of the oven , splayed himself out and is drowning in his own pool of drool.

For some odd reason today has made me the most homesick I have ever been here. This is obviously odd due to the fact that 5 weeks from today I will be back home. 5 weeks is not much at all so being home sick now is stupid but I am.

So I am going to return to the kitchen check the roast save the cat from drool and enjoy myself.
So have a good day all of you and ........
HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!!! Gobble gobble gobble as the turkey's would say :-)


art said...

Well happy Thanksgiving to you! I hope you had a good day in the end and shared a bit with the cat ;)

louisa said...

ah yes was a good day all round and the cat is a happy boy and had a special dinner himself so all good :-)

Alexandra said...

Um, correction, those would be 8kg and 14kg respectively. 8 and 14 lbs is pathetic.