Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I am Actually on 25 Peeps !

I put my name down for 25 peeps months ago and completely forgot about it and to my shock i ended up on it.
So have a look click refer blah blah blah

( hey thanks for visiting all !! :-)
oh here is my pic that you need to click on as well


art said...

Wow I had no idea what you looked like. Very pretty eyes. I'll go click for you

louisa said...

ah thanks now my ego is truly boosted !! and with the half a bottle of wine and that compliment life is looking pretty damn bloody good art !! lol

FlatGreg said...

I clicked, I referred, but I couldn't quite figure out the blah blah part.

louisa said...

ha ha thank you greg for clickibg refering. as for the blah blah part that may have been wine induced so if you figured that out would have been truly impressed!!!