Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oh My good Lord My Head is about To Explode and Pop off My Shoulders !! Seriously

Right I have like 5 weeks before I actually go home for good. After 5 years of living here you would think my life skills will have improved ...... Like hell they have !! This is the current state of my life CHAOS !! MADNESS !! And utter dis - organization !!!!

I have soooo much to do and do I do it ... No I park my ass on the couch turn the telly on and waste the night away. Yeah yeah yeah I do realize this is all going to come back and bite me in the ass 24 hours before I go. But do I think of that. No not until the next morning with a slight hang over from the wine that seemed to accidentally fall down my throat and the feeling of doom and sheer panic.

My mother arrives in 72 hours and I am fairly sure I am going to get a proper good old fashioned ' what the hell have you been doing !!! Do you realize how much time you have left!?!?' bollocking!
This is not like when I was a kid and I could hide everything under the bed and say ' yes my room is clean can I go play now' there's nothing left to hide anything under !! I have either packed it or sold it . Yet with all the packing and all the selling it is like little 'I collect useless shit' Elves keep popping round when I am not home and dumping yet more shit in my 400 square foot flat ( this is a palace sized pad for over here in the UK in case you are wondering)

So yet again I have got home from work today ( after 10 hour day ) said hello to the cat possessed by Satan and parked self on ass and stared into space.

I am at the point where I look round the flat and say ....hmmmm I am just going to leave it all here . Screw it go home with nothing . That's what a fresh start is all about isn't it ????
Yeah right who the hell am I kidding !!!

Right back to crap telly and another class of wine ....( sorry mum )

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