Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Random Entry about Pretty much Everything

Yeah going to babble now you have been warned ( I know I always babble ok ! ) so get your drink whatever it may be light a fag and just read :

Right these 2 girls have me well and truly confused now. I am pretty sure that there were 3 of em in there last night and good god were they having fun. Seriously I am constantly wondering what it is they are doing to each other to produce the noises they come out with it is unreal. Surely they must know I can hear them as can everyone else ??? My theory still stands ..High class call girls that travel to Monaco with a some old doddering man.

Remember the post ' what if' about killing a workmate and then classing it as self defense and then getting off because it was ? As my sanity was being ebbed away slowly ? Well it ain't slow anymore it is rapid damn bloody rapid !!! I will kill this women it is damn good I am leaving the country. Plus she smells !!! I am in the corner trapped by her. I am pretty sure I must hold multiple records for holding my breath

People are so stupid. For the last 2 weeks I have had internet at home. Not because I actually paid for it but because multiple people in the area have insecure wireless networks that my laptop picks up the minute I turn it on !! This rocks !!! My dad would be so so proud you know :-)

He no longer sleeps on my bed ... He sleeps in his cat carrier !!! Seriously he is not right in the head. Secretly I am happy about this as still stressing bout his 13 hour plane ride to Canada. So at least I know he likes his carrier. He may hate me but least he will have his stupid carrier.

Honestly I do !! Anyone who is planning on relocating to a new country start throwing shit away now !! Everything I turn around there is more and more. It is like little umpa lumpas are turning into little sherpas and sneaking it in behind my back. Like the random shit you own fairies bring more in at 2 in the morning !!
I hate moving !!! So much

Rant done !
Spellings shit I know !

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