Monday, September 04, 2006

Update: Migration to the Great White North

Well things are a moving my god are they moving.

Your ultimate indecisive Canadian in Manchester has confirmed flights for return to Canada. I officially leave on the 18th of November , not bloody soon enough as far as I am concerned!!!

Have to say I have become dis-illusioned with the UK and the novelty and loveliness of living here is no longer with me. My love affair with the UK is OVER !!!

There are things I will miss like my soaps on the telly ( soooo much better then over there, story lines actually move along)
Chips will miss the chips like mad
Good music and good radio: none of the crap over there with minutes of radio 20 minutes of add breaks.
Cheese hmmm the cheese is so so good and it smells. The smellier the better in my books ( maybe this is why I am single ??? Any thoughts??)
Style , quite simply there is amazing style and style sense over here. Not a pair of tatty leggings in sight.
MAGAZINES !!!!!oh god what am I going to do without my UK and European magazines like heat, closer, now, OK, HELLO!, Grazia !!!

Mr Cleoleo is ready for his trip as well. He will be traveling before me on a flight back with my mum on the 29th. I have to admit been stressing about this endlessly and how he will handle it all. Seriously freaking out. So much so that have gone on so many pe forums for advice. He will be fine I am sure. I mean it is likely by the time I get over there mum will have turned my lean mean fighting machine of a cat into a fat lazy bastard. She will I mean she turned a part grey hound dog into a part grey hound obese dog. She will turn this cat that way I am sure of it !!
He has his kennel now and seems to love it.
Loves it so much in fact he no longer sleeps with me but rather in his cage. The cat is strange.
I have never posted a pic of him before but friend lent me her digital camera so here you go :

in his element ....Sleeping

hey while have camera if anyone wants pics posted of anything from over here in the UK let me know will try and get a pic and post it ....Never had digital camera so a novelty and half right now !!

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