Sunday, August 27, 2006

Light Reading in the Bath Tub

Today I was reading one of the ‘tabloid’ papers News of the World. Before you look down your nose at me it is the best thing to read whilst having a bath. Plus it is the paper that makes you realize your life rocks in comparison to the poor bastards they right about in that paper ok!!

Anyway one article caught my eye and made me think a few multiple thoughts all at once. Basically they have written an article saying support our troops become a pen pal to them. At first I thought what a wicked idea would be tempted to do that. Just to brighten some guy or girls day up over there in an otherwise desperate situation for them at times. Then I got further down the article.

This is the sentence that made me almost drown in the bath in shock and laughter: Support our hard working lads out there, our hard working single lads! If you are a good looking girl and want to write to our boys please send us your letter and a glam shot of yourself for them. Keep it clean and decent ladies (like the news of the world knows what is clean and decent!)

This at first made me laugh then made me angry then disgusted all at once. Trust the news of the world to bring what is a decent and kind act down to a disgusting level. Trust them to turn human kindness into something some what degrading. Any girl who does write is stupid in my eyes. Contact the Army see if they have their own official pen pal system set up. Do not let the news of the world profit from something like this. As that is all they will do, they will prey on human kindness and weakness to their own needs.

So basically I was disgusted. Rant over. Thanks

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