Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Lesbians: New Theory

Yep that’s right they are back and back with a vengeance!!

I have a potential new theory about my resident lesbians. I am thinking maybe they are on the game! Now I may be wrong and I am certainly not one to pass judgement or ill thoughts to be frank. But these girls have a very very odd lifestyle.

They are rarely here. Like they go away for days sometimes weeks at a time and then they just kinda appear for a few days. They have the usual rampant sex and then both leave again.

So I am going with the theory that maybe they are high end call girls. That they have very expensive high end clients. They travel to exotic places spend a few days with the old boy (or girl) and then come back unwind with each other then hit up the next client.

But to be honest I am more then likely completely wrong and they are normal lesbians with normal if not slightly odd lives and they have a lot of loud and noisy sex. REALLY REALLY LOUD NOISY SEX !

Think before I leave this little island of Great Britain I may ask the lesbians upstairs what the score is, are they high end call girls or not ??

Going to miss the lesbians in a warped kind of way. They added entertainment to my otherwise mundane life


Anonymous said...

What's a lesbian ?

louisa said...

you are actually kidding ??? you are not asking that as serious question lol