Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Condemnation for Steve Irwin

When I heard the news the the croc man himself had died I have to admit I was actually truly saddened by the loss to the animal and conservation world.

Over the last few days I have read a number of articles and blogs with various view points on the death of Steve Irwin. I have to say a few really did annoy and irritate me to be truthful.
The ones that really seemed to set me off were the ones condemning the man for what he did and for leaving 2 small children without their father.

Lets clear a few things up here everyone:

Yes what Steve did was dangerous. Yes he did take risks and always knew those risks even after his 2 children, Bindi sue and Bob, were born. He did this because he had a passion not because he cared any less for his young family. He did this to leave a legacy for for his kids. Why should fathers or mothers give up what they are passionate about purely because they have children. Yes maybe they should be more careful but no they should not stop. This was his passion and he did die doing what he loved.

Although he came across with a clown like attitude he was extremely good at what he did. He is possibly one of Australian and maybe the worlds most well known conservationist. What he has done since the early 90's is unreal for showing the plight of endangered, injured suffering species.

Those two children will grow up with the help of their Mother and all the staff at Australia Zoo , who were effectively extended family knowing what their father did. They will be proud and to be very truthful will likely follow in his foot steps possibly taking the same risk dad took 10 - 15 years earlier.

When he died he was actually filming a documentary that his daughter wanted to do it was actually Bindi sue's film. He and his wife actively involved their children in their lives. There are more parents who do this. An example of this is a program currently showing on BBC One on Thursdays at 8pm. Although I am not able to find the full names of them here is the situation. Emma is a English vet who married a South African big game catcher. They basically help move various herds from one reserve to another. They had a baby called phoebe and rather then her stopping what she did she still does it with her husband. They trek all over Africa racing through the plains and deserts chasing BIG BIG game. Phoebe happily bounces about in her car seat in the back of the truck and clearly in a state of pure joy and happiness. I can see people watching this thinking how can this women put her child in such danger ?! When I look at it I am jealous ! How many little girls will be able to say to their friends when they grow up that the first animal they ever touched was a Giraffe ???? That they helped chase wilderbeast and fed baby antelopes. Not many me thinks.

So before people start condemning a dead man for risking his life , and losing it , effectively abandoning his children to peruse his passion, stop and think about it first. He did risk his life to show his kids another way of life to put food on the table and to share his pure joy of what he did with his kids. Open your eyes stop the narrow mindedness and realize that


craig said...

after almost a week of hearing people such as Germaine Greer (australian idiot) condemning Steve Irwin finally reading someone who I can agree with. Have enjoyed reading your blog. Craig

louisa said...

finally !! someone who agrees with me !! thank you very much for your kind comment craig :-)
and your right Germaine is a Aussie idiot plus she has stupid hair ( thoroughly female bitchiness that by the way !! )

glad you like the blog keep visiting comment whenever you like good or bad

Suburban Mum said...

Hi there, just found your blog through some surfing around. I agree with you wholeheartedly on this point. Steve Irwin managed to do what many people wish they could do and don't, that is that their hobby and passion is also their job, and he died doing what he loved - I'd rather go that way than many other ways even if I do have a family! And let's face it, he'd never have been happy in an office job, if he'd given up his dangerous career for the sake of his family - and who knows - he might have been run over by a bus or something anyway - would people have condemned him then?!

louisa said...

fully agree with you suburban mum !! totally wud want to go the way he went
just get so wound up with the holier then though pc brigade sticking their oars in !!! thanks for reading by the way :-)