Friday, September 08, 2006

Never Drink And .....

Never drink and blog stupid shit spews out of your mouth. Plus considering my spelling is a non existent thing when I am sober then drunk or mildly drunk it is truly shit! (I know my mother is now reading this and going over it with a red marker thinking to herself ' I swear I taught this child how to spell and use that funny thing called grammar')

I have to say I do not drink that often to be honest. Of course my family truly believes that there is a very real possibility I was switched a birth due to my lack of ability to handle my drink. Seriously it sucks 2 glasses of wine and a beer and I am anyone’s oh and the life of a party oh yeah and I talk even more then I normally do (yes that is possible and yes my jaw does get sore but normally to drunk and ramble through the pain) So yeah never drink and blog you may live to regret it

Notice not only the obvious glass of wine but the fact that my computer desk is a box I am meant to be packing in and with the drink comes the over flowing ashtray ....pure class and I still wonder daily why it is I am single ????

Never drink and pack!! I will never get over the fact that I have so so much shit. I sat in my living room last night looking around my tiny little flat. I then started saying out loud ‘just going to leave it all’ just not going to bloody bother!! Piss off on my flat to Canada and leave everything behind!! Tonight I started to pack and then cracked the bottle open as a coping mechanism. I have no idea where half this stuff came from.

Never drink and own a pet when you live by yourself with a digital camera in your hand. They just look up at you as if to say ‘you stupid two legged walking freak, get away from me you are pissed!!’

Notice the pure look of shame on my poor cats face. It looks as if he is saying ' you have no idea how stupid I really think you are lady not a clue '


art said...

ahhhhhhh but you must drink sometimes

louisa said...

yes but only as a coping tool....which is most of the time right now ha ha ha !!!
and i predict it will be used more frequently as the big move day gets closer !!!