Tuesday, November 06, 2007

October - Monthly Update

Yep another month has rolled on by at warp bloody speed!

It has been needless to say a hetic action filled month for me this time round. So here we go !

Firstly it was my Birthday on the 30th. I decided not to do a happy birthday post to myself this year. I had a wicked first bday in 6 years in Canada! I got some truly lovely presents as well. Firstly mum got me ( after much hinting and insitance) a ipod touch. It has been fused to my hand since the day I got it ! lol So needless to say I am on a music junkie kck. Currently listening to : me first and the gimmie gimmies , palin white t's feist, ill scarlett to name a few.
Aron my ever so lovely best and oldest friend got me some really nice gifts. which was to much !! But I adore them and they mean a huge amount to me as she does.
Beth the rockstar wife in training has out done herself as well!! As a bday pressie and for looking after her 2 stunning ponies her dad and her are making me my own tack box for all my riding gear. You have to understand to buy one is a small fortune so I was touched and very pleased about that.
The birthday night.....oh what a night!! I had a shared pub crawl with Allan who's bday was just before mine. So we did a halloween crawl. Needless to say it was messy and fun. Supose you wish to know what I went as?......hmmmmm....A slutty Fairy ! God my family is proud of me let me tell ya ! So short black dress, giant red fairy wings,, wand, fishnet stockings, knee high boots and a entire bottle of sparkles ! lol OH and excessively big hairy. It was so much fun. I have no recollection of getting to my bed that night although I do remember shaving ricardo's head for him..yeah I am serious when i say that ...I did it drunk ..very drunk !

My love life...hmmm such a hard one to explain. One that I am thinking I will let lie for now as it is all very confusing and I do not know if I am coming or going. I will say this I just want uncomplicated affection, straight forward no hidden shit just a normal thing. It appears to be harder the one would believe trust me.

Ok so I had my first winter driving epxerince. We had snow on the 26th and it was like being back in the damn UK. People were in panic mode. Brakes being slammed cars in ditches stupid drivers everywhere. By the time i got to work at 7:30 ...I needed a drink!! Roll on winter is all I have to say !!!
Last weekend we had our annual bonfire party and it is pure drunken foolishness !! so much so someone called the fire department and police!! I am so serious. They were very good thoguh and told us they saw nothing wrong with our party and told us we could continue and continue we did people. I woke up the next morning to 15people sleeping in the house in various areas...always a good sign of a good Taylpor family get together lol

Thats about it really. November is well on its way. I am hoping for a good month and a fun month. Possibly not such a lonely month as I will admit October felt like a unsure and lonely month. So here we go 1 more down 2 more to go till the end of another year !!
( 47 days to Christmas people !!! lol )

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