Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rant,Affairs of the Heart, Music and General Babble Really

So no I am not a complete depressive the old me is still here and I am here to make you laugh.
Well at least chuckle out loud ok.
So first a babble:
Best ever Funny Moment of Trip to Saltspring:
Picture this Three grown boys sitting in a Sauna. They have just taken a naked dive at 2 in the morning in the ocean...needless to say they are cold hence the sauna. There is a lot of booze involved and pot. Boys are sitting there and decide they require a bowl of BC weed...BIG MISTAKE. Turns out smoking up in a hot Sauna is possibly not the wisest of moves. Saying that they are smoking pot drunk so wise moves were never on the cards really were they. And the this line came out of my little brothers mouth. A pure George classic in fact it is so good it needs to be a line in some American Pie style movie:
" Dudes do you realize we are hot boxing ....in a HOT BOX?????!!!"
Deadly serious he said this. I had to leave as I was choking on my own laughter at this point. Sheer and pure genius as far as I am concerned.
psst...your giggling or at least chuckling aren't you ??

Right Rant time:
ITS FREAKIN BLOODY ASS CHILLINGLY COLD!!! It is August in case you forgot and it is cold. So pissed about this damn weather. Woke up in the middle of the night last night unable to feel my arm due to fact that it was actually completely numb!! Need Mason back at least arms were taken care of then .....

Music time: I have fallen in love with music again. I am serious when I say I have not been listening to music almost at all for the last half year. I am not sure why just was not for some reason. Maybe partly because I was missing the British music scene so much. Anyway having Mason here did for some reason through me right back into my love of great tunes and music. It threw me back into the love of music for moments that it suits.
So this is my current list of addictions and trust me they are all over the damn board just so you know:
Tiesto New Album : I adore this album it is my music for driving into work sometimes. There is something about sunrise and letting the beats and sounds of his music just literally wash over me. Best tracks: 1 2 3 and 11 love 11
Sam Roberts: Firstly the man is Canadian so he rocks no matter what. My little Bro George introduced me to him when I came back. I bought the older album he did with the Taj mahal track on it and its my Sunday afternoon rocking to my own beat music. Best track : 1 7 well actually the whole damn album !!
and now for my biggest music addiction
The Fray: This album makes me cry every single song does it. It is the song writing that does it for me. These boys can write good old fashion songs. Songs with meaning and heart. When they sing these tunes you know they mean every word. You know every word is really and means something to them. I cry everytime. Other drivers look at the funny singing crying lady every day lol lol. Best tracks are 1 2 and 3. Track 1 " she is " because it is for guys (
and girls) who do not realize that "the" one is right infront of them that as they say " she is everything I need that I never knew I wanted" I know that feeling. Track 2 "Over my Head" because it is about wanting to know the truth about life and love and simply put being in over your head and having her in your mind head and soul constantly
Finally the one that has me crying all the time "How to save a life" . It is possibly the most meaningful peaceful and gut wrenching songs I have heard. It makes me relive all past relationships I have had both good and bad. It makes me think of the total fuck ups I have made and the ways I have been totally fucked about. It makes me think of all I have and all I have lost presently in a friendship and past in losing my dad. I reccomend you buy this album. Chose a sunny day not a dark day and sit down and listen to it through to the end. It is simply one of the best albums I have purchased. Some would call it slit your wrist music. I call it music that makes you think and that is rare
Finally Affairs of the Heart:
I am still utterly heartbroken...no change there people ..Heartbroken.......

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