Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Best friends, Close Friends and Acquaintances

You know I like to keep my friends close to me. But also I like to havea small friend base. This is solely for the reason that I can then spend and give more attention to the people that mean the most to me.
There are a few that will always stand out heads and shoulders above the rest by a million miles.
Firstly there is Mason which you have all heard about. Mason is one of the few people that I truly let my gaurd down with and well let it out. He also is the one person who can wind me up to no end and knows exactly what button to push to get that hieghtened reaction out of. God he is good at that lol
Amanda was one of my closest friends in the UK. She can make me giggle like no one !! Seriously she does not even need to speak she just needs to look at me and I am in fits. She was there with me through bad break ups with boyfriends. She was there when I was homesick and so fed up. The girl is down to earth and just rocks.

Last but not least Aron. I have known Aron since the age of 3. Yes 3!! We used to rule the monkey bars at Blueberry community hall. We were thick and fast friends. We went through Elementry to High School together. She was popular but never ever rude or discerning upon who she was friends with and I was quiet slightly picked on and really did not mix with school people. We shared and share a strong common bond of a love of horses, the magnificent beasts they are. I actually rode Arons old horse before she bought him ( that horse rocked my world) We drifted apart. She got married ( then divorced) I left the country and tried to find out who I was. 10 years later we got back in touch and you know it was like it had only been 10 hours since we had last spoken. I deeply regret not being here as a friend when she went through rough times such a big regret on that. Aron is one of the few people that can throw a compliment my way and I know it is truly from the heart and genuine! She is one of the most stunning women I know in the world yet she is NEVER big headed about it and I love her for that. She is by far one of the best horsewomen I have ever come across and I am envious ( not in a bad way ) of that. But most of all she is a true and beautiful friend
She has these great quotes on her facebook so thought I would write down my 2 favs of hers

" Turn your face to the sun and let the shadows fall behind you"
" Remember there are oceans between us......but thats not very far"

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Anonymous said...

My friend and I had a similar situation. She came to my first wedding and then we just lost touch, until the week before he and I split up I was walking through the next town along from where I lived and passed her, we did double takes at each other and have been inseparable ever since (well apart from the 200 miles but you know what I mean) - we talk every other day or so and see each other as much as possible. Seven years apart and we lived about 2 miles from each other without knowing, but we just picked up where we left off.

That's a true friend for you. Good for you!