Friday, August 24, 2007

Falling in Love with Riding Again ...And Possibly using It as A Replacement Too

So I have completely fallen in love with a passion I have had for years. I have ridden horses since the age of about 5 or so. I used to be really good. I showed regularly and was generally quite fearless...bordering stupid fearlessness lol

By stupid I mean I would push the limits of my abilities sometimes to not so good consquences lol. I have had great horses through out my life and ridden other peoples stunning monsters as well. My first show pony was Miss Piggy...her name suited her completely! She was the apple of my eye solely because she once threw my little sister off...straight into a rose bush, in my eyes she rocked from that day forth. I then had my first full time fully grown horse. Her name was morningside or Gladys for short ( no idea why lol ) anyway she wasa pig I mean seriously that horse looked pregnent every single day of her life. She had no mane as she rubbed it off and a short scraggly tail. She could jum p like no other horse I have ever owned. She LOVED to jump.

She was eventually sold due to me getting taller.

I am now riding Thunder. Thunder has made me fall in love with riding again. He is part clyde part percheron and maybe friesan no one is really sure. When I first started riding him for his owner he was a barrel a over grown barrel. So barrel like that I could only ride him 15 mins at a time as my hips would be in sheer agony! He knew noting about leg commands, nothing about voice commands nothing above a lumbering walk. Fast forward to today and 3 months later, he is a STUNNER, he has gone from the human version of a size 24 to a size 14. He answers beautifully to leg commands and voice. He is full of energy he never had before. He is like riding a giant charger ( he is a giant to be fair) . I adore nothing more now then going home after work and gym, saddling him up and vansihing down the roads and fields for hours at a time.

He has helped distract me from all the drama I have had for the last month in regards to broken heart. He listens when I natter away at him. He of course does not answer me back people ...I am not that crazy..only mildly off kilter.

I would really love to buy Thunder off his owner eventually, and I think he may sell him as seriously he has no idea how to handle him.

So Thunder has been my saving grace the last few weeks and my entertainment for the last 3 months. I look forward to starting lessons in dressage with him taught by Aron. I think he has serious potential once all the weight melts off him.

So thank you Thunder for being one hell of a beast to have fun with rock !

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