Friday, June 15, 2007

I have Been TAGGED !!!

I have been tagged !! I have never been tagged before so you can understand my excitment right now!!! OHHHH I HAVE BEEN TAGGED ......FINALLY !!!

Objects Within One Metre Of You: 1. my strawberry banana yogurt. I was tempted by the glazed donut when the food truck came but stopped myself. 2. my Coffee cup( empty now)3. my tea cup ( full now) yes I have 2 sweperate cups. And yes I managed to find real normal english tea here !!!wooo hooo
First Names of People You Sat Next To At School: oh this will be fun...1. Aron. we went from preschool ( 3 yrs old) to graduation ( 18 years old) together. We are still great friends. 2. Reece. Kindergarden I beat him up and stole the sesame street phone. When we graduated he remembered and bought me a sesame street phone..I still have it...I am 28! 3. Leanne ( evil girl)0 she stabbed me in the back witha pencil so I proceeded to break her knuckles ( seriously...she was evil though !)

Programmes You Won’t Watch 1. you know I will watch anything ....I am square eyed !!
Favourite Trivial Pursuit Categories 1. Entertainment 2. Georgraphy. 3 . Arts and Lit
Superpowers You’d Like To IHave 1. Flying for sure !! 2. The ability to blow evil people up. 3. Mind reading for sure!!
Newspapers, Magazines or Periodicals Read Regularly1. The papers in Canada are SHIT so this is what I read: 1. BBC news online ( rocks) 2. ABC news 9 American news is not news it is just damn funny ) 3. Heat Magazine( now this is british and when I can get it here ( very very rarely I devour it ) soooo anyone who wishes to post me their used heat magazines just let me know ....I AM DESPERATE !
Songs You Dislike: I only have one song I truly despise actually 2. 1. Barney and his stupid songs I will kill that freak one day seriously hate him !!
2. anything by lilly allen. That girl is one nasty dirty piecve of work and I do not like her what so ever nothing nice about her. She is so unclassy and yuck
Blog Posts of Your Own That You’d Recommend. Seriously none of them I really do ramble on and I am fairly sure at present I have 1 devoted reader and that is it. No one comments except for faithful suburban mum oh Emma does as well but she has babies so cannot expect her to comment the women is busy and working ( yes SM has baby to but she works at home plus secretly I think she likes pestering me to write.) I do not think I am all that good a writer what so ever so I can't really reccomend anything. but IF YOU ARE READING CAN YOU AT LEAST COMMENT I AM ATTENTION STARVED HERE PEOPLE !!!


Suburban Mum said...

Darn it, you guessed my secret. I'm your secret blog stalker. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

louisa said...


Hannah (the blogger formerly known as H!!!) said...

Just thought I'd say hi! I've come by via Suburban Mum.

louisa said...

HI Hannah ! I was just looking at your site actually ! Very nice liked it

emmainlondon said...

I want to know where the hell you've been getting Heat magazine from!!

louisa said...

ohhhhh !!! thought you would catch that. I am getting heat, closer, OK HELLO and reveal plus all the rags like chat etc.
Getting them at a local mag shop that imports them in and at one near the UofA called hub cigars. They cost me about 8 bucks normally.
Do you get any of them ?????? the uk versions i mean
Now to be fair I got back here a month after you I think in November. And it was only 2 weeks ago that I managed to get my hands on heat. But my guy says they are bringing them in and he saves me one now

Suburban Mum Magazine Distribution Services said...

I can send you Heat. But it might cost you. Not sure what. What is nice from Canada? (that's not an insult, I genuinely have no clue).

louisa said...

ok i could send you people magazines they are good. Hmmm not sure I could send you things for Matthew to maybe ...hows that for a trade??
OHHH you would rock if you sent old heat magazines ohhhh rock so much ( if the odd closer showed up as well it would be cool )

Sub Ma said...

email me :)