Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oh Sweet Lord this is Beyond Odd and Funny !!!

Have a look at the following
I found it this morning while doing my daily news cruise through the various websites:


Suburban Mum said...

I just spat out my juice, that is so funny!

PS Where have you BEEN?????

Suburban Mum said...

Where are you... you don't post, you don't comment... have you... found someone else?

It's that Facebook isn't it. You don't love us anymore.


louisa said...

lol lol i do read and then go to comment and then get distractred with facebook lol lol
Hi my name is louisa and I am adicted to facebook
promise to post and comment soon double promise !

Suburban Mum said...

I just tagged you so now you have no excuse. :)