Friday, June 15, 2007

You know it is BAD when Your Mother is concerned about your " Dating Life" or Lack of One

So my mum recently informed me that she was "concerned" about my "social" life which translates to by " Dating" life.

I am a bit of a odd person when it comes to dating. I love having a boyfriend however I dread dread the work you have to put in to finding one. Possibly because I fear rejection. So my simple solution is not to bother. This sounds defeatist but really its not. I do like my life as a single person. I am a solitary creature to begin with. I also do not handle having to " answer" to someone well. I am a feircely independent girl so when it comes to relationships I tend to be distant at times but not in a bad way though.

So I have dated every type of guy: The Cheater - strangely enough my most sucessful relationship that is until the cheating of course

The Mummy's boy: that was just to much for me to handle

The Cheap boy: seriuously every little thing was split right down to when he went to buy our weekly sunday papers. He would request the 85 pence it cost him. I have no issue paying in fact prefer to pay however when it is demanded of me and when the person is as tight fisted as a nuns ass I take issue with that !

The way to nice for his own good: CLINGY is the only word to describe it !! I cannot handle clingy !!

So yeah she brought this up and I thought well I am going to have to sort this situation out. I do not go out bar hopping really plus I would never pick someone up at the bar. I would likely not date anyone from work ( although they are hot and they make a piss load of money ...not that it matters really but its nice) My friend base is limited due to the fact that I have been out of the country for like 6 years so I do not have the base I used to have.

SOOOO I joined up with Eharmoney. Now I chose them because it was not like other dating sites. Basically they put me through barge of questions for my personality test. Then only they see my profile. They match me up with like minded similar people. I am liking it. I have been talking to a few guys and one in particular who seems really nice.

I have not put my picture up as I have this irrational fear that they would run in terror when seeing my pic. It is silly I realize. But due to the fact that I am not a teeny tiny girl, a cheerleader nor a barbie doll I think they will just not bother then...I may be right or wrong on that one who knows.

So I will chat and after a number of emails I will then offer to email a picture through. I have had a few ego dents of them not coming back to me ( WOW that stung) but you know what I am tough girl and big girl. I do not know them from adam so no skin off my nose.

They can make assumptions all they want. Little do they know that I used to BIGGER !! lol anbd that I worked my ass off to lose 85 pounds so thats gotta be good.

So I will keep plugging away at it and who knows something may come of it something may not hard to tell really.

I of course will keep you posted on all future sucesses with my foray into the dreaded dating world ( why cant' I just order a mail order groom?? )

Here as a final note is the picture that I do send when I eventually send it


Amanda ( georges ex), George my little Bro, ME !! and my lovely mum


Suburban (Desperate) Mum said...

Your brother's quite teh sex.

louisa said...

I know !! he got all the loooks in the damn family the little shit ! so not cool you know not one little bit. Plus he is cool ..I was never cool he is !!