Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dentist AKA Doctor Death

So I had my first of what was to be many dental visits yesterday…….IT WAS TERRIBLE !!!

I am not sure if I have ever mentioned this but I am shit scared of dentist.
I have this theory that a sick sick individual wants to become a dentist. I mean seriously what posses a person to think “hmmm I want to be a dentist, the person people are most terrified of. Yep a dentist I will be” SICK

So it was only a little filling and it was not even a new one just replacing an old one. I was in tears before I had even set foot in the office. I vibrated my way to the evil looking chair and continued to blub like a 3 year old. They were very very good to me and talked me through the whole thing. I am someone who has to see visually every single implement that is going to be shoved in my mouth (in fact I am like that with most things put in my mouth!)

Tell you what I would be good in a war situation. No damn way a bullet is touching me I tell you. I was like “ catch me if you “ or “ come one I dare ya to stick that in my mouth “ I vibrated wiggled, flinched and twitched my way to the point that the chair was rattling….then it happened …. Well 2 things happened. Firstly the dentist actually yelled at me (could not blame the guy) “Louisa if you do not stop moving I will stop midway and will not continue” and then an even worse thing happened….. My worst fear….not enough freezing!! . At first I thought I was just dreaming it. So I asked them to stop (no asking involved just a whole lot of hand movements and “ hmmmmfuucckk…nowwww” I said I was not sure if I could feel it or not. So I asked them to start again...YEP I FELT IT! So they stuck me again.
So I was frozen on the right side from 9:30 till 4:00. I drooled looked like a stroke victim and had serious problem with smoking…could not grip it in my mouth.
When I finished they said I did a good job but it was the last one. They have deemed that I am far to edgy and I am going to a special dentist to have 6 more refillings and one major root canal…all at once ! And all this will be done while I am asleep oh yeah guys I am being knocked out stone cold for this as there is a snowballs chance in hell I am going through that shit again !! FUCK IT I will pay the extra for the sleepy medicine drugs!!


Suburban Mum said...

It didn't shut you up though

louisa said...

NOPE !! trhey tried but yet I am still talking whats that all about i ask ??? MWahhahahaha you will never shut me up lady you know it !

emmainlondon said...

I think you've just successfully managed to keep me away from the dentist for another few years...