Friday, June 22, 2007

General Friday Ramble - No Point Just a Ramble

Ok a multi topic post today as have all sorts to write about ....yeah right.

First off ( to scare Ms Emma in Toronto even more from the dentist ! ) had my appointment with the second dentist yesterday. Some good news and a whole lot of bad shit. The good news is that I do not need a Root Canal ...Can I hear a shout for joy from everyone please?! The bad news is as stated shit bad. The 7 fillings and the sleep drugs they will be giving me will cost me a massive 1500.00 !!! Which of course will bring me up to my max amount for claiming for the year. So not cool but it has to be done. The dentist however was a lovely guy and one of the few that made me feel less nervous then I normally do.

Secondly. Came back into work this morning and was presented with a wicked Friday treat. I won the company check pool....AGAIN !! 330.00 bucks in my pocket thank you very much.

Thirdly. I have already put the money to good use. I am going to get my hair cut ..FINALLY . Mainly getting it cut due to the fact that I have a fringe going on like a English Sheepdog. I actually cannot see half the time. So I am very excited about that , yes I know it is not that big a dea but it makes me happy ok !

Ok I am now offically hating being single. Yes thats right me, Louisa is stating she hates being single. The girl who loves her alone time and not answering to someone wants a god damn bloody boyfriend ! ok that is so out of my system now. But seriously what is so wrong with me that I cannot get a proper boyfriend like other girls my age. They all seem to snap their bony little fingers and out pops a boy by their side dammit soooo not fair. Ok now it truly is out of my system I feel better.
Ramble and Rant is now done


Sinclair said...

Hey stranger! Glad to find your comment on my blog this morning!! I added you to my list.

louisa said...

ah no worries dear. I have been lurking for ages and ages ! been like that with everyone but just not been commenting ( wrist slapped lol )
Keep up the good work !! love going for a read each day
( p.s you sound really happy by the way ! )